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New EE Mobile Site Live

Posted by · May 30, 2012 3:31 pm
The New EE Mobile Site


6/29/12 Update: Mobile is officially live! Browse on over to on your smartphone or tablet to check it out.
10/22/12 Update: Great new feature updates to mobile: check it out here and here!

You just got the blue screen of death. What now?

Enter the new and improved Experts Exchange Mobile: you can now search, ask and monitor tech questions on a site optimized for your mobile device.

“Some of the most desperate technology situations are times when you have no internet access at all,” says Experts Exchange Lead Engineer Michael Spencer. “The new mobile site will be a great asset for members on the go, consultants and anyone whose computer is completely unresponsive.”

On a recent EE Tech News podcast, Spencer provide a few details about what users can expect from the new mobile site slated to launch early next month.

“We’re really trying to focus on what users on the go really want,” says Spencer. “We are focusing on our core functionality, primarily asking questions, answering and search.”

Access to EE mobile will be limited to Premium Members (including Qualified Experts and Business Account users). Members can ask questions to top technology experts and search proven solutions to find quick answers to their computer-related issues. Most new questions are answered in under an hour.

“We are a Q&A site for technology problems,” continues Spencer. “Experts Exchange Mobile boils the site down to its simplest form: ask a question or search for solutions. It doesn’t get any easier than that.”

Experts Exchange Mobile Preview from Experts Exchange on Vimeo.

  • erniebeek


    Finally it’s back 🙂 Great job guys, the mobile site was sorely missed.

    Looking forward to start using it.

  • This is good news, but how about an actual App?

    • erniebeek

      Now there’s an idea, an EE app. Kudo’s for that!

      • If you have a mobile site, what advantage would an app give you?

        • App’s tend to be much slicker and easier to use, just features to save login details and maybe save a copy of usefull fixes would be good.

          • ImaCircularSaw

            Also, a mobile app will mean that less data needs to be posted to the phone, saves space on my data plan and means I’ll be more likely to get involved on my phone during journeys.

  • Arne Lovius

    The current site is worse than the old one for mobile, the old mobile site was great, but I’m not holding my breath for the new one.

    Why basic functionality such as the mobile site was removed when the site was “upgraded” to it’s current incarnation is completely beyon me, don’t EE do even basic usability testing?

  • speed_54

    So 2 days until the end of June 2012. Where is mobile EE at?

  • Jason C. Levine

    Should be released tonight or tomorrow…

  • Mobile is officially live!

  • Robert

    Now you need to do Android.

    • It’s mobile web, not an app. Should work on iOS or Android devices.