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Posted by · August 4, 2014 6:00 pm

Connecting with other members on Experts Exchange just got easier with the addition of Messages. The introduction of Messages provides a way to communicate privately with other technology professionals on Experts Exchange. This is just one of the many features launching in the coming weeks to make your time on the Experts Exchange Network work for you.


Messages_ScreenshotsAll messages are private conversations and are designed to help you build strong relationships with other Experts Exchange members. This built in function makes it easy to expand your network with other professionals from around the world, without flooding your email inbox.

The Messages drawer can be found in the site header and gives you direct access to your inbox. From your inbox you can view the numerous Messages features: view an entire message thread, add multiple members to the message, attach files from your computer or personal knowledgebase, and more.

Setting your message preferences can be done in your Experts Exchange profile. With settings that allow you to receive messages from only those you are following or all members, you control your inbox and notification settings.

(View our quick screenshot guide of Messages by clicking on the image on the right.)

When to use MESSAGES

Keep in mind that private messages are not intended for answering and asking questions. If you want to discuss a question, article or other site content, you should comment on that content rather than sending a message. This way, Experts get the points and recognition they deserve for their knowledge and this valuable information can be searched by others who are looking for solutions.

Start connecting with MESSAGES today

The Messages feature is live now; start connecting with other members on Experts Exchange to grow your professional network, develop key relationships and build the career you want.

Questions? Visit the Messages Support Site.