New Feature Alert: News Feed & Follow Me

Posted by · August 27, 2014 10:30 am

Follow_Icon Having a strong professional network is essential to building the tech career you want, yet there is rarely enough time in the day to dig through updates from technology topics and professionals that can expand your network. With the latest addition of News Feed and Follow Me, Experts Exchange can help change that. Quickly receive updates from members and topics you follow, curated content, and more – right on your News Feed. This is just one of our new features launched in August to help you expand your professional network and skills.

How FOLLOW ME works

Follow members on Experts Exchange to receive updates on their latest contributions and activity, your News Feed will display this information all in one place. With this central location, you can easily expand your professional network, connect with other members, and foster new job opportunities.

On each member’s profile is a “+Follow” button, clicking this instantly adds the member to your network. Once added, you can view their contributions and activity on Experts Exchange in your News Feed. This is a great way to follow technology leaders, receive updates on related topics, and more.

View people in a member’s network on the top of their profile or in the profile network tab. From the network tab on a profile, you can also see members you both follow, and further connect with others in the Experts Exchange community.


How to populate your NEWS FEED

Our new, centralized location allows you to quickly access content from your network. Follow  members, receive updates on their activity and contributions, and easily learn from the top technology professionals.

Toggle between news in your network (members, topics, and groups you follow) and recommended news to find content that matters to you. Answer questions immediately as they are posted in order to earn points and enhance your expert reputation – all from your News Feed.


Start curating your network with NEWS FEED and FOLLOW ME today

News Feed and Follow Me is live now on your profile; start following other members and their contributions, receive relevant content, and continue to build your professional network on Experts Exchange.

Questions? Visit the Follow Me Support Site.