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Posted by · August 21, 2014 11:00 am

VMT_IconA job in technology comes with the unspoken expectation of keeping your knowledge current. The speed at which technology is evolving, and the fact that never-ending software updates complicate things as much as they improve them, makes learning new technology skills on a busy schedule quite the challenge. Luckily Experts Exchange Video Micro Tutorials are now live. Use your short breaks to expand your skill set and become a stronger technology professional. This is just one of our new features launching in August to make your time on the Experts Exchange Network work for you.


These short videos from our leading experts – all under five minutes – are an easy way to learn specific technology skills, without a large time commitment. Our more in-depth tutorials that cover complex technical problems are broken into multiple short videos, making it easier to fit into a busy schedule.

Quickly search for Video Micro Tutorials using the advanced search feature, to narrow your results by select criteria, including: experience level, topics, total time of the video, and more.

We have also made it easy to request and rate videos, connect with authors, or download supporting documents to gain additional background on the video topic.


Share your skills on the Experts Exchange Network by submitting a Video Micro Tutorial and earn free Premium Member access! In exchange for your video, receive points in each step of the process:

  • 3,000 points when accepted
  • 3,000 points when approved
  • 3,000 points when awarded

Submitting tutorials is a great way to build your resume, earn points, and connect with other members. See our how-to guide for more detailed information regarding uploading a video.

Start expanding your skill set with VIDEO MICRO TUTORIALS today

Our library of videos is live now; learn new hands-on technology skills in five minutes or less with Video Micro Tutorials on Experts Exchange.

Questions? Visit the Video Micro Tutorials Support Site.