August Brings More Upgrades to Experts Exchange */?> August Brings More Upgrades to Experts Exchange

Posted by · August 6, 2014 9:30 am

It might be summertime in half of the world, but that doesn’t mean Experts Exchange is kicking back with a drink on the beach and slowing down to enjoy the sun – in fact we’re buckling down and getting set to launch more incredible new features. In improving upon our new brand and website, we have added more functionality to our site to make your Experts Exchange membership work for you.

These powerful upgrades are designed to help you better solve, learn, and network on the Experts Exchange community.


Easily earn free Premium Member access. All Experts Exchange members can earn free access if they submit a single video or article for publishing, or answer a couple questions in a single month. Our updated system quickly breaks down how points and Premium Member access can be earned.



Communicate directly with other members on the site. All messages are private conversations and are designed to help you build strong relationships with other Experts Exchange members, without flooding your email inbox. From your messaging inbox, you can view an entire message thread, add multiple members to the message, attach files from your computer or personal knowledgebase, and more.



Quickly learn new skills with our library of hundreds of five minute videos. Use your spare time to pick up additional technology skills in five minutes or less, these short videos are a better way to learn technology. Submit a Video Micro Tutorial and earn one month of free Premium Member access.



Receive valuable content relevant to your professional career. Get the latest from groups and members you follow on your News Feed. These updates deliver personalized content and updates from your Experts Exchange Network in one place.



Expand your professional network and technology skills by following other members and their contributions. Stay up to date on the latest from your favorite Experts and populate your News Feed by following other members.



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