New Features Coming to Experts Exchange this Summer */?> New Features Coming to Experts Exchange this Summer

Posted by · July 3, 2014 11:56 am

Last January, Brian Clausen, Experts Exchange CEO, shared his vision for the future of the community. His vision was built on Experts Exchange’s proven question-and-answer platform, extensive technical knowledgebase, and loyal community of the world’s top technology professionals. Brian also shared the 2014 Product Roadmap that will enable the company to accomplish this vision, by delivering features that empower members to learn new technical skills, and build professional networks.

We have made significant progress.

In May, we introduced a new brand and website to better represent the evolution of the technology network. The redesign focused our community website around three key concepts: solve, learn, and network. And into this new site structure, we’ve already introduced additional features, such as Hire Me and Member Search, to help members easily network with their peers and find new employment opportunities. And while it takes time to adjust to a new site structure, the response and results to-date have been overwhelmingly positive. We have seen significant growth in our membership, adding, on average, 1,200 new members each week. We have seen increased visibility for our content on search engines, resulting in a doubling of search traffic over the past weeks. And with more members and traffic, we are seeing more knowledge contributions to and by the community.

What’s next?

Later this summer, we’ll be rolling out many new, powerful network features, like Groups, Messages, and the ability to Follow members. A News Feed will allow members to quickly find technical content that is relevant to them immediately after they log in. To expand our learn concept, a new library, featuring 100’s of five-minute Video Micro Tutorials, will help members to quickly learn new, hands-on skills. And even more importantly, in August, we will make it easier than ever for members to earn free Premium Member access to the Experts Exchange Network, simply be posting a single video or article, or answering a couple questions.

Want to learn more?

Join us for a webinar on Thursday, July 10, 2014, at 10 a.m. PDT (GMT -7), during which our CEO, Brian Clausen, will review our product roadmap progress, preview new features to be launched this summer, and unveil a new point system that will allow more members than ever to quickly earn free premium access.  Register here