Experts Exchange Enables Easy Online Learning with the Launch of 500 Video Micro Tutorials

Posted by · October 7, 2014 5:45 am

Five-Minute Videos Offer Convenient Online Training for Busy Tech Professionals

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., October 7, 2014 – Experts Exchange released five hundred new Video Micro Tutorials today. The five-minute training videos expand the website’s diverse library of educational content, making online technology training even easier for busy technology professionals.

“Tech professionals are expected to keep current on evolving technologies, but they need tools that help them learn in a practical, hands-on manner, because they’re often pressed for time,” says Brian Clausen, CEO at Experts Exchange.

Expert Exchange’s Video Micro Tutorials are a solution that came from the Expert Exchange community’s demand for tools to learn new technology skills quickly and easily.

“Our members requested better learning tools, and the Experts responded by creating 500 video tutorials in just a few months,” continued Brian.

The resulting suite of videos cover topics from PHP coding to Excel functions, delivering specific training in five minutes or less. The tutorials, located throughout the Experts Exchange website, can be filtered by several criteria such as experience level, topic, length, and date produced, allowing professionals to find the topic they need quickly and learn without a large time commitment.

“Other online training sites require subscribers to watch hours of video, just to learn a specific skill,” added Brad Rubin, VP of Product & Community at Experts Exchange. “With our micro tutorials, you can learn the precise skill you need in less than five minutes. And if you want a comprehensive education on a subject, you can watch the whole series. Our Video Micro Tutorials allow professionals to build expertise on their own terms.”

Experts Exchange’s new Video Micro Tutorial system gives authors a way to clearly demonstrate their knowledge and experience on specific tech topics. Members can earn up to 9,000 ‘expert’ points for producing a single video, which not only acknowledges their expertise in that technology, but also provides them with complimentary Premium Membership to the Experts Exchange network.

“We’ve made it simple for any member of our community to create a Video Micro Tutorial on any relevant tech topic, and then reap the rewards for enriching the network,” continued Brad. “Contributing tutorials is a great way for tech professionals to build their online resume, showcase their skills and open themselves to new career opportunities.”

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