Podcast: 10 iTunes reviews will win an EE Polo Shirt

Posted by · June 12, 2012 4:21 pm
EE Tech News Podcast

Have you listened to the EE Tech News podcast yet? On each half-hour episode, hosts Jenn Prentice and Gary Weyel discuss the top technology news of the week, chat with an Expert or two from the site and offer a few technology tips and tricks. Here’s a sample of some of our recent interviews/topics:

  • How IT consultants can get more customers
  • A preview of the new Experts Exchange mobile site
  • How not to build a mobile app
  • Windows 8 preview
  • Live report from TED 2012 Conference
  • TechCrunch Hackathon winner Tony Casparro

Listening to the Podcast
You can subscribe to the EE Tech News podcast for free on iTunes (of course). You can also listen on our SoundCloud channel or subscribe via RSS on our blog.

Here are a few tips to writing a great review on iTunes:

  • Keep it short (the average iTunes Store review is about 200 words long).
  • Be specific about what you liked (or didn’t like): is it the production, story choice, guests, etc?
  • Before submitting, take a moment to edit for spelling and grammar.

July 13 Update: We’ve selected our winners! Check the comments below to see if you’ve won a new EE Polo.