Present a Webinar, Showcase Your Expertise

Posted by · March 7, 2012 9:48 am

Want to share your “techspertise” with the Experts Exchange community? Here’s how…

In January of 2011, SQL Server Genius Tim Chapman (a.k.a.-chapmandew) dared to go where no other Experts Exchange member has gone before.  He presented the first Cloud Class webinar.  Since Tim’s webinars, Writing Faster SQL Server Queries Part One and Part Two, we have been privileged to have some of Experts Exchange’s top experts share their knowledge via our Cloud Class webinar series:

Access expert Alison Balter told us how to avoid bugs in Microsoft Access. Jim Dettman gave an introduction to application and database design. Brad Yundt shared his Excel and VBA knowledge.  DrDamnit revealed business secrets and Scott Helmers told us all about Visio 2010–and those are just a few of the webinars we have in our collection.

Each webinar has not only given the presenters a chance to share his/her expertise with the Experts Exchange community but has also given them a piece to add to their professional portfolio.  In addition, Experts Exchange uses social media to tout all of our Cloud Class webinar presenters as the technology rock stars that they are.

So, what about you? Do you have a few technology tips or tricks you’d like to share with the Experts Exchange community? If you’d like to showcase your Techspertise (we’re gonna go ahead and coin that term) and present a Cloud Class webinar, email Experts Exchange marketing coordinator Brittny Peloquin at bpeloquin (at) experts (dash) exchange (dot) com.