Private Questions Keep Your Tech Problems Confidential

Posted by · December 13, 2012 5:26 am

PrivateQuestions-blogHeroSome technology problems require a bit more discretion: whether it involves sensitive data or company specifics, you might want to limit the number of eyes that see your question. Earlier this year, Experts Exchange introduced Private Questions as a more discreet way of asking technology questions on Experts Exchange.

Private questions are marked with the correct exclusion tags so that search engines (Google, Bing, etc) will not include your question in their search results.  Only visitors and members of Experts Exchange will be able to view your question.

In order to ask a Private Question, you must have the right type of subscription plan. If you’re a Qualified Expert, Private Questions are included in your free Premium Membership.  If you pay for your Premium Membership, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription plan, but don’t worry, it only costs an additional $3 a month to equip your Premium Membership with the ability to ask Private Questions.

Once you have upgraded your plan, the checkbox labeled “Make this question private” at the bottom of the Question Wizard will be checked by default.  If you want your question to be private, just keep the checkbox checked.  If you don’t want the question to be private, uncheck it before you click Submit.  It’s that simple!

So, how do you upgrade to a subscription plan with private questions? There are two ways to upgrade. And we’ve included some handy screenshots to make the process a bit more intuitive:

  • From the Question Wizard, you can check the box under Points that says “Upgrade now to make this question private.” You’ll be given a pop up window where you can upgrade immediately. You will need to select the plan you want and the payment method you wish to continue with.  Click “Verify Changes”. The next screen will show you how much you will be charged and when your next billing date will be.  Click “Confirm” to finalize your upgrade.  Please note that if you are in the free trial stage and choose upgrade, your trial will end and you will be billed immediately.  If you upgrade from the Question Wizard, you will be returned to it after you upgrade.

  • You can also upgrade to a new subscription plan from the Change Plan page of your account.  Click “My Account,” then the Billing tab, then Subscription tab. Select a plan with Private Questions to upgrade to and click “Verify Subscription Change.”

As always, if you have any questions, you can feel free to call the Experts Exchange Customer Support team at (805) 787-0603 x 299 or send them an email.