Product Advisory Committee Conference 2014

Posted by · April 16, 2014 9:38 am

For two days last week, Experts Exchange hosted the site’s Product Advisory Committee. Announced several months ago in CEO Brian Clausen’s webinar on the roadmap for product development for the next three years, this was EE’s first opportunity to meet several of the members face to face.

The PAC members include Jim PowellScott McDanielJim DettmanRay PaseurTodd L’HerrouJohn HurstDave Hansen and Administrators Jason Levine and Eric Peterson.

Mr Clausen first gave the committee a report on the status of several projects that are in the latter stages of completion. The first, a complete “rebranding” of Experts Exchange, will debut sometime in the next month after testing by the committee members, and will

include new navigation, a more user-friendly color scheme and two behind-the-scenes upgrades, one to the Oracle database and the other to HTML5. The second, a major upgrade to the text formatting tool, is expected to be ready for prime time in early to mid-summer. He said that the system would first be implemented in the Articles system before being pushed to other areas of the site. Third will be a redesign of the topic area landing pages. Other systems getting attention include the reintroduction of the “Hire Me” button and a Member Search system.


Front: Sina May and Jim Dettman; in back, Kay-Kay Clapp and Molly Stoddard.

The bulk of the two days of discussions revolved around establishing priorities over the rest of 2014 and into early 2015. The two systems that the committee members said were of utmost importance are those used by most of EE’s membership: the Search system and the Question Wizard. Both will be the subject of more discussions during the next few months, as will systems for enhanced messaging, user groups and video tutorials.