Programming Across Europe [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by · July 28, 2015 8:33 am

When it comes to programming, not everyone speaks the same language.

We dug into data from European countries to find the countries in Europe with the most fluent “tech talkers”. To do this, we analyzed which countries had the most tweets (per capita) about terms only avid code creators would know.

Programming jobs across Europe.

Beyond that, we cross-referenced job listings data to visualize what the job climate looks like in those countries right now. The Bureau of Labor Statistics  predicts that software development jobs will increase 22% by the year 2022 – setting you up for success in your programming career.

Java and JavaScript remains king.

The UK and Ireland topped the list for JavaScript job opportunities, by a landslide! It’s popularity remains strong across Europe, in every country we profiled, Java or JavaScript landed in the top 2 for programming jobs. [Not] Surprisingly, there are more jobs for JavaScript frameworks than other popular programming languages.

See the full findings in our infographic.


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