Redesign Sets New Tech Industry Standard for Networking and Knowledge Sharing */?> Redesign Sets New Tech Industry Standard for Networking and Knowledge Sharing

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Experts Exchange Enhances Website with More Learning and Networking Opportunities for Technology Professionals

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., August 14, 2014 – Today, Experts Exchange, the leading online community for technology professionals, announced a complete redesign of its website and the addition of significant new features. The site, already well-known worldwide for its technology question-and-answer forums, now boasts new social networking tools, thousands of how-to articles and videos, and more member-contributed content types, all housed in an inviting and collaborative social network for the tech industry.

“Experts Exchange has played a vital role in the career advancement of IT professionals for nearly twenty years,” says Brian Clausen, CEO, Experts Exchange. “The redesign demonstrates our focus on the key benefits we can provide to our members, enabling them to learn new technical skills and network with other tech professionals, in addition to helping them solve tough technology issues.”

New features on the redesigned site include:

  • Upgraded Interface – Allows members to navigate the site easier, ensuring they find what they need fast
  • Hire Me – Enables members to be contacted for contract projects or permanent employment, based on the skills they demonstrate in the community
  • Enhanced Profiles – Demonstrates a member’s real-world expertise, by highlighting professional accomplishments, and linking to relevant contributions they’ve made in significant technical areas
  • Advanced Member Search & Messaging – Members can define detailed search criteria to connect with other members of a technology specialty directly
  • News Feed – A real-time content feed relevant to members’ interests or topics of choice
  • Video Micro Tutorials – A library of hundreds of five-minute video tutorials, allowing members to quickly learn new hands-on skills

Since the launch of the new website, Experts Exchange’s monthly site traffic has increased nearly 300 percent, and new member additions have increased tenfold since early May.

Originally launched in 1996, Experts Exchange offered answers to technology questions written by designated “Experts” in specific technologies. In addition to helping members solve technology issues, the site provides opportunity to become an Expert for a given technology, and the chance to earn a higher status in the network through contributions. In turn, increased visibility in the technology community allows for more connections and validates credibility when supplying solutions. The site already hosts over 4 million verified technology solutions.

“There’s a lot more coming,” continues Clausen. “We’re building an even better network with the support of our strong community of technology professionals. Over the next year, our new site will continue to establish itself as the leading online community for technology professionals to solve difficult problems, learn new skills and network with other technology thought leaders.”


Experts Exchange is the network for technology professionals. With unparalleled access to technical experts, verified real-world solutions, and diverse educational content, we enable technology professionals to solve difficult problems, make better decisions, and build expertise on their own terms. By enabling personalized skills development and relevant professional exposure, Experts Exchange powers the growth and success of technology professionals worldwide. For more information visit

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