Reduce Your Failure Rate & Deliver Results

Posted by · January 23, 2015 3:52 pm

IT is one of your businesses’ most important departments. If your team is continually successful at diagnosing and solving problems, then the health of your business will remain strong. However, even if you’ve assembled an all-star IT team, there are going to be setbacks and mistakes that end up costing the business valuable time and money.

If we define a project’s success as producing planned deliverables within budget and on time, then most organizations have a 70 percent project failure rate. The reasons for this high rate of failure are varied, but most have to do with poor performance or poor planning. It’s impossible to try to cut that failure rate to zero, but if you could at least make a significant dent in it, then why wouldn’t you?

By allocating a minimal percentage of your funds to an Experts Exchange membership, you’ll be able to achieve a much higher success rate on large and expensive projects. Your IT team will have access to immediate, personalized help on problems they either can’t fix on their own, or don’t have enough time to fix on their own because of everything else that’s on their plate.

To illustrate this further, here are four ways that Experts Exchange helps you to reduce your failure rate:

1. It helps ease the pressure of planning projects. 

A large portion of a project’s process is the planning phase. If the project is exceptionally difficult, you might even need to bring on outside consultants, which can significantly bloat your budget. Experts Exchange eliminates this time-sink and extra expense by connecting your team with specialized professionals who have already grappled with the same questions. With Experts Exchange, you can directly contact the people who have verifiable, first-hand insight on your specific technology challenges. The best part? All of this expert advice comes at a price tag that is less than what you would pay for a consultant per hour.

2. It allows you to ‘window shop’ before you buy. 

Experts Exchange hosts a wide array of experts in every technology field. They can offer you sage advice on any equipment or technology you are considering adding to your department—from mobile devices to software to servers—with the experience to back it up. Consult Experts Exchange before pulling the trigger and save yourself from costly mistakes. When you find that your hunch was right, enjoy the validation of your instincts. Use this new-found affirmation to justify the expenses to company executives.

3. It will help you put out fires faster.

Is that new program giving you trouble? Has yet another bug reared its ugly head? Experts Exchange enables your IT team to quickly and efficiently solve issues as they arise. More than 4 million tested and proven solutions are at your fingertips. Thousands of global tech pros in every time zone are online when you need help to respond to new questions, assist with coding problems, or point out tips and shortcuts to keep your team—and your investments—on track.

4. It gives your team a glimpse of the future of IT.

Experts Exchange not only provides a way for your IT team to stay current with industry trends, it also opens them up to what will become trending in the future. Many industry leaders contribute regularly to the site’s content by creating videos and articles. Groups on specific topic areas allow for more detailed discussion on upcoming trends and updates. By getting this inside track into the future of IT, your team will be on the cusp of the next big thing far ahead of the general public, allowing you the time to plan accordingly and protect your company from risks or act early on smart investments.

Read about what other businesses have to say about their membership with Experts Exchange, or sign up for a Business Account and enroll in a more secure IT strategy for your company, today.


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