Refer Friends to Experts Exchange, Get Cash Rewards!

Posted by · December 10, 2013 12:57 pm


How would you like to get a little extra cash in your pocket for something you already do? Sound like a win-win situation? It is! Just in time for the holidays, Experts Exchange is rolling out a brand new program to reward you, our loyal members, with CASH money.

You already tell your friends, coworkers, and family about the benefits of being a part of the Experts Exchange community. You’ve told them about how much time and money you save by having access to millions of solutions and quick access to custom answers to all your tech needs. You’ve told them about the community of knowledgeable and supportive tech pros like yourself who you’ve networked with since you joined.

Now, when one of your friends joins, you can get monetary rewards for referring them. If you recommend someone to Experts Exchange and they become a paying member OR a Qualified Expert, we’ll send you up to $50 cash per referral. Sounds great you say? It gets even better! Through our new program, your friends can get big discounts on their membership too!

Here’s how it works:

1. Login to your account (you must have an active Experts Exchange account to be eligible.)

2. Click “My Account”

3. Select the “Rewards” tab. Here you will find all the info you need about how to earn your incentive, including a unique link to send to your friends for them to  click and sign up.

4. When your friend makes their first payment or reaches Qualified Expert status (10,000 points), we’ll send your reward via PayPal within 90 days to the active email address on your account. If you want to make sure you have the same email address on your PayPal and Experts Exchange accounts, click here to learn how to change your email address.

Get started and take advantage of the new referral program today!