Reporting Solution for Small B2B Sales Organizations

Posted by · January 14, 2014 1:15 pm

accepted solutionExpert RobertCZ is a financial controller for a small business to business sales organization.  His company has an enterprise MySQL database, no staff developers, and a business intelligence and reporting side of the solution that is significantly lacking.  Robert asked a question at Experts Exchange on what would be an appropriate reporting solution, specifically mentioning Access, Crystal Reports, and SharePoint, as possible solutions.

Access savant Scott McDaniel and ace Gustav Brock gave a pros and cons of using Access and Crystal Reports on development, learning curve, and hosting.

SQL Server SSRS was also recommended by SQL Reporting wizard planocz

Since the question was already answered from a technical perspective, Crystal Reports ace Michael McCracken and Access ace Jim Horn gave a small business perspective on working with contractors, licensing, and small business needs in general, and shared a couple of war stories.

The result was a solution that was much more than an ‘I think you should use x’, or ‘I have a hammer, you look like a nail…’.

The ultimate resolution of this question was..
“Thank you very much everyone!  Your comments helped us move through the process of investigation trying to find the best fit.  After Planocz’s comment I did further digging to find out that we already run SQL server 2005 on one of our servers.  We then decided to upgrade to 2012.  We can now convert the current Access databases to SQL completely and take advantage of SSRS and web based reporting distribution.”

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