Resizing Calendar Header in a Table */?> Resizing Calendar Header in a Table

Posted by · October 24, 2013 12:52 pm

accepted solutionIt’s a problem many WordPress users can relate to: a plugin that looks fine on a desktop but doesn’t re-size correctly on mobile, even though the code comes from a plugin that is known to work on both form factors. When laughhearty ran across the issue, he didn’t waste any time in consulting the web development and CSS experts on Experts Exchange.

In less than 30 minutes, Web Development Genius COBOLdinosaur responded with some insight into the structural limits of the code:

“The problem is that you have it in the least flexible element in HTML; a table.  There is not enough room for the total required for content, padding margins and borders; and tables will not adjust the way many other elements do.”

COBOLdinosaur also said that the code in the page may be contributing to the problem and recommended that laughhearty validate the code to ensure that applying a change would produce predictable results.

A little later, experts padas and GaryC123 chimed in on the question thread with padas suggesting changes for the media queries that control how the styles are being applied and Garyc123 providing additional details to help laughhearty arrive at the final solution to his problem.

In the end, laughhearty was incredibly appreciative of the expert collaboration that took place on his question:

“Thanks guys! All three of you aided me here…Nice to get advice from the top three CSS ninja gurus in one thread.”

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