sdstuber Reflects on Five Years of Fun on Experts Exchange */?> sdstuber Reflects on Five Years of Fun on Experts Exchange

Posted by · September 24, 2012 12:23 pm

Last week, Sean Stuber (a.k.a-sdstuber) wrote a blog post on his personal blog to commemorate five years of participation on Experts Exchange.  We didn’t tell him to write it. We didn’t even know he wrote it until a few days after the fact, but we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

In the post, Sean talks about the various milestones he has reached during his tenure at Experts Exchange: over 6,000 questions answered, 13 articles published, one (forthcoming) video tutorial recorded, 21 ranks and certifications and induction into the inaugural class of Most Valuable Experts.  More interesting, however, are the reasons he cites for his participation.

“Friends, family and coworkers ask why I do it. People pay good money for Oracle consultants and here I help for free…The simple answer is: it’s fun. I get a kick out of helping people figure out their problems, especially when they are thankful for my efforts. When someone responds with ‘Wow! That’s amazing! I didn’t know that was possible’ or ‘Thank you, thank you, that just saved me weeks of work!’ it makes it all worthwhile,” Sean writes.

He also notes that the personal and professional connections he’s made through Experts Exchange have enriched his life and his career.  Of note is his friendship and rivalry with fellow Oracle expert and Experts Exchange volunteer, slightwv.

“My friendship and rivalry with fellow volunteer slightwv was so well known we were invited to participate in a head-to-head “Throwdown” to see who could accumulate the most points in one week. I lost… by a lot, but that was expected (at least by me.) While I have a pretty good track record, I’ve never had his speed and tenacity; it was still fun though,” Sean says.

These days, Sean does quite a bit of travelling and public speaking for his job.  He’s been asked to speak at large Oracle conferences like Collaborate (IOUG) and KScope (ODTUG) and says he bases his presentation material on questions that are trending on the Oracle topic area on Experts Exchange.

“When I see the same questions asked dozens or even hundreds of times, clearly it’s an area of instruction where developers and administrators need help,” Sean says. “Thus my presentations (are) born. I’m currently getting my abstracts together for next year’s conferences and again what I’ve seen on Experts Exchange will be driving the bulk of my submissions.”

Sean admits (and so do we) that Experts Exchange is not 100% perfect.  There are times when he has clashed with fellow community members on certain issues and times when he hasn’t been pleased with all of us here at the corporate office.  But all-in-all, he says the frustrations are only a “tiny, tiny minority” of all his interactions.  His bottom line on being a member of the Experts Exchange community?

“I keep coming back to EE and plan to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It’s too fun working with others, too rewarding helping people and too valuable as a resource to walk away…If you’re ever in need of tech help, I recommend giving it a try.”

For more about why Sean Stuber participates on Experts Exchange and how his participation has helped his career, read his full blog post.