How to Set HTML Sections */?> How to Set HTML Sections

Posted by · October 14, 2013 9:22 am

accepted solutionKnowing how to set the header, footer and aside bar size in HTML is an important skill for any new web developer. When Experts Exchange member roy_sanu asked how to do it, experts skullnobrains, COBOLdinosaur and JulianH were ready to help him out.  According to Julian, setting the footer can be done using the HTML5 footer tag or through using a div. Both options need to be styled with CSS, but it must first be determined if you are styling a class or id.

So, what’s the difference between styling a class or an id?

“All elements potentially have an id, which must be unique on a page. You should not have more than one element with the same id on the same page. The id uniquely identifies that element. A class can be applied to any number of elements and is usually used when you want to target more than one element on a page,” Julian says.

Julian also provides syntax for the styling of the header, footer and aside. In less than two hours, roy_sanu had an answer to his question–complete with examples–and suggestions for how to learn more about programming in HTML and CSS.

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