Survey: A “Private EE” For Your Organization

Posted by · July 10, 2012 9:04 am

Experts Exchange brings together a motivated community of askers and answerers to solve real-world technology problems. Over the years, we’ve had a number of folks approach us wondering if we could make the EE platform available for their company or organization.

With the release of the all-new EE v10, we’re finally at a point where we can recreate the Experts Exchange framework on a smaller scale. Now we’re wondering if that’s something you’d find useful. Do you have a community of experts and answer-seekers that you need to connect? Do you think that a “private EE” would be something you could use at work?

Help us make the best tool for you by responding to this brief survey. For your trouble, we’ll select one survey entrant to receive an Experts Exchange polo shirt.

NOTE: A winner has been selected and contacted. Thanks so much to everyone who participated! Your input is greatly appreciated!

  • James Murrell

    Great Idea….

  • Jim Horn

    No, as the experts there would be the same jerks that don’t answer my questions now..

  • Would be really great. I could however imagine you partner up with yammer/microsoft to gain traction faster.

  • Jay Ballentine

    I think it would be a good idea. And partnering up with other might be a good idea also.
    Internally, just depends how, or who, asks the questions, and then who answers the questions. The person asking questions can cause a great deal of confusion, and can lead to incorrect answers or a longer process to get the correct answers. I think questions asked should be done by a handful of employees, and not just everyone. That will reduce the amount of questions submitted, and reduce the time to get the actual answer needed. Any one else agree with that.

    • Arnoud ten Hoedt

      That limitation would defeat the purpose. Learning your coworkers to ask the right questions might be more valuable to your organization than getting the right answers. Teach people to ask better questions in that case.

  • Deb Brimmer

    For some reason lately, I can never find the answer to my questions here. I try to ask several different ways but to no avail. I usually only use the “search the knowledge base” forum because I have so many different fires I am putting out and different buildings I am in that I cannot ensure that I will be there sitting and waiting for an answer when someone finally answers. Your website says that you must stay with the question otherwise people who are helping you will get disinterested, and my job just doesn’t allow that… I would be willing to check back often, but can’t stay focused on one thing at a time.

    I am also finding it difficult to put too long of a question in the search field. I usually type it into a document and then paste it in, to get the whole question in there.

    When I first started with this I always found the answers to my questions, just seems like something has changed…

  • Lou

    I work for a very large and distributed non-profit organization that spans over 40 countries with 40K+ employees. A private cloud version of ExpertsExchange would be a great way for a global organization to communicate.