2013 Rank T-Shirt Design Contest

Posted by · January 15, 2013 12:08 pm

It’s nice being smart. It’s even better when you get a little recognition.

If you’ve ever earned an Expert rank t-shirt at Experts Exchange, you know the feeling. Of course you knew you were an Excel Wizard but now you’ve got the t-shirt that proves it.

Expert rank t-shirts are the badge of honor we bestow on technology professionals who have passed significant milestones on Experts Exchange. The shirt design has gone through several iterations over the years.

guru t-shirts

With the introduction of our new Expert ranks Ace and Prodigy, it’s time to redesign our t-shirt! This is your chance to put your design on to the backs of tech Experts around the world! Submit your t-shirt design (following the rules below) by February 3rd. Then be sure to vote (and get your friends to vote) for your design. If your shirt is selected, you’ll win five Experts Exchange T-shirts printed with your winning design.

Here’s how to enter.

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Submit your design by Sunday, February 3rd. Email your print-ready artwork to socialmedia (at) e (dash) e dot com. In the weeks following, we will display all entries for voting. The design with the most votes wins!

Design Guidelines

–       Shirt must incorporate Experts Exchange logo
–       Design must include space for rank name (Master, Guru, etc)
–       Maximum 16″ x 20″ design dimensions

Contest Rules


Happy designing!