The Nook Is Here. And Free.

Tablet Giveaway: Win a Free Barnes & Noble Nook

Posted by · December 6, 2011 3:00 pm

The Nook Is Here. And Free.Tablets are the hot gift of the season, and we’ve talked about them quite a bit here on the blog (check out our tablet comparison and watch videos of the Nook review and the Kindle Fire review by our very own Jenn Prentice).

Win a Free Nook. Enter email here.

In the spirit of the holidays, this month we’re giving one lucky blog reader a free Nook Tablet. Want a chance to win? Here’s how to enter.

1. Subscribe to the Tech News blog.

Enter your email address in the box over in the right-hand column to subscribe to our blog for free. You’ll get a daily digest of the latest tech news and updates from Experts Exchange delivered to your inbox every evening.

2. Share it on Twitter.

Post this message to your followers (be sure to include the #frEEnook hashtag so we can find your post):

So I just entered to win a Nook Tablet from @ExpertsExchange…you can, too: #frEEnook

Please, just one tweet per person; duplicates will be disqualified. And hey, Badgers, you can go ahead and participate. Yay!  (But not employees…sorry. Full rules attached below)

Contest starts December 6th at 3 p.m. Pacific and ends 12/15 at 11:59 p.m.

Nook Tablet Giveaway Rules

  • Aj

    No facebook entry? I do not use twitter. ;(

    • Jeff Richmond

      Nice . Done deal and Tweeted! Good luck everyone .

  • Nox

    Don’t get upset =))) I never won anything from EE =)) Although there were lots of giveaways already from EE. Bad luck?

  • Jaleel M

    Good luck all. I don’t use twitter either. >_<

  • Sorry, folks, Facebook is unreliable for capturing entries, so we’re just sticking with Twitter this time around…

    • Bad mistake! I know lots of business owners, who frown on Twitter usage in the workplace…but do, indeed, leverage & utilize FB. I’m just sayin’…

  • I use twitter but never won anything either from EE! LOL

  • Ah yes, Chance…she can be tricky sometimes. However, I can assure you our Facebook friend Clay Tsuhako is enjoying his Kindle Fire that he won in October. Here’s what he said: “Thanks, Experts Exchange…As if I needed another reason to use your great service!”

    So hang in there, Nox, Jason and everyone else who hasn’t won…this could be your lucky turn! But you can’t win if you don’t play…

  • Oh…C’mon guys…TWITTER? And *no* Facebook!!?!? Business users use Facebook, routinely, daily, and Twitter exists for the Social crowd. We’ll be *happy* to post this on FB…and even enforce the end-users to click on the button…but we won’t allow employees to have/use Twitter accounts for business. Please change your rules, employ FB, and we’d be only too happy to Opt-In.

    That being said…EE *is* the bomb! We LOVE your service, couldn’t be happier! An “essential” tool for I/T Pros!

  • ok, let’s go win 😉

  • Pankaj Borole

    Not a twitter user .. (If I will create a new account only for this; then there won’t be any followers 🙁 so no use for EE)

    Can you please enable Facebook or Linkedin ?

  • Jordan

    What if we dont have twitter?

  • mistysunrise

    subbed by email


    hearts2007 at

  • logudotcom

    I tweeted and wish to win

  • All done. Let’s go for it. Hope this time i can win. *fingercrossed* 🙂!/arditasari/status/144301102291099648

  • Balaji
  • Jon

    Just added on twitter.. 🙂

  • Mr Shaw

    I don’t have twitter account…. This competition is not fare…

  • ashwani

    Twitter is such an old school thing..guys i wont use it even i wanted to win!!

    anyways good luck everybody 🙂

  • Ron

    Dear EE,

    Just wondering, I still haven’t received the T-Shirt u promised last month for posting on FB and TW. So should I expect this to be same 🙁

  • Iris

    Fingers twisted! 🙂

  • Sudhakar Kumar
  • Melissa

    I only tweet, no facebook here. Maybe I’ll get lucky!

  • Robin

    Twitter is not for real business. Please figure out how to use Facebook for these contest. I’d say use LinkedIN is a better choice.

  • Dale

    I just entered on Twitter, hope I win the Nook. Yesterday I bought my wife the new Kindle Fire.

  • Rhonda Grisham
  • Tipstaff

    Am already a newsy. All that was left was to tweet:!/Tpstaff/status/144641990775148546

  • Irfan Ahmed!/shaikirfanahmed

    I did what you and and now its your turn do what i want !!

  • drWoo
  • Kpax7

    We all use Facebook!
    You’re forcing us to use Twitter ? Contracts?!!!

  • Jerry Miller!/J_Miller79

    So I just entered to win a Nook Tablet from @ExpertsExchange…you can, too: #frEEnook

  • Jye English

    Tweeted and subscribed. Love my new shirt from the beta!

  • Stacy

    Subscribed and tweeted

  • michelle
  • Katy M

    I’m an email subscriber and just Tweeted about the giveaway here:!/katygmorris/status/146690444221353984

    Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  • nikki

    I suscribed!

  • Manoj Patil

    Tweet & subscr!bed Th!s
    Hope w!ll get th!s stuff…

  • Kpax7
  • Senthil

    Hello there,

    I won the Nook Tablet, Thanks for every one!!!!/ExpertsExchange/status/149268787131203584