Do You Talk Tech? Here Are The Best States To Be A Programmer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by · December 4, 2014 11:03 am

Everyone knows that New York and California hold their own as programming meccas: places where “language” doesn’t refer to English or Spanish, but rather things like JavaScript and PHP.

But are there other places around the United States that are unknown tech hubs – hidden gems where development knowledge is widespread and tech jobs are plentiful. To find them, we analyzed Twitter data as well as a variety of job posting data, and what we discovered may surprise you.


Unsurprisingly, New York had the most programming-related tweets, with 20.34 tweets per 100,000 people. But the runner-up certainly wasn’t expected: Alabama had 20.11 tech tweets per 100,000 people, scarcely different from New York. Alabama also seems to be a hotspot for C# (C Sharp) programming.


When it comes to programming languages, both Java and JavaScript were the most-tweeted in dozens of states. There are also several surprising outliers like Indiana and Idaho, where Python takes first place. And the state of Washington, home of tech giant Microsoft, was the only place where C++ held the majority.


Of course, we couldn’t do a study of tech knowledge without mentioning web browsers. And while similar data has been presented over the years, it’s interesting to note that Internet Explorer is still widely mentioned in many areas of the Midwest and South. But as you get closer to the coasts, Chrome soon takes the lead in a number of states.

map5 (1)

One of the most notable sets of data was a state-by-state breakdown of programming languages with the most available jobs and least competition. This was compiled by looking at the number of job postings requiring knowledge of a specific language, and comparing that with the number of resumes that included that language as a skill.  This gives a very intriguing snapshot of where an aspiring programmer may want to move for the best fit for their skill set. For instance, if you’re a C# kind of person, a trip to the Lone Star State may not be a bad idea.

Regardless of programming forte, demand for people with development expertise is continually on the rise. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the software development sector will increase 22% or more by the year 2022 – double the overall growth rate for all occupations. This shows yet again that fluency in the tech world is a much-needed skill all state lines and borders.

For more tech trends, check out the full infographic below:

tech savvy states (1)


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