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Posted by · February 20, 2014 9:05 am

Ooops. Also, Kickstarter and Forbes are the lasted websites to be hacked for user data, as were Comcast’s servers.

I’ll alert the media (who will share it, of course): Apparently, trolls can’t help themselves.

Why we don’t have to worry very much about US government spying: Because as citizens, we can always retaliate. Ain’t democracy wonderful?

It was only a matter of time: If you’re really into duping $850… er… $750… er… $638.37 into something for which you get nothing back, try playing lots of Donkey Kong.

Time to bone up on your skills: The rules are out for the Pwn2Own contests that include prizes of up to $150,000 for a half hour’s worth of coding.

It’s always been a short step from “arresting vandals” to “repression”: The British government used DDOS attacks to slow down Anonymous.

No honor among thieves: One of the reasons Bitcoins are so popular is because they can be used to purchase just about anything — and we mean anything, legal or not. Another is that they can be stolen from almost anywhere.

Dumbfounded: One of the most annoying things we can find out about is when an employee gets blamed because his bosses weren’t smart enough to think of things they gave him permission to do — like use a spider to crawl through their files using readily available software.

Maybe we should set up a pool: Does anyone want to take a guess which company’s database got “borrowed” and used to hack Yahoo Mail?

Super Boring: Unless you’re addicted to [American] football, an insane fan of either Denver or Seattle, or just watched for the commercials, you know the game was over after the first play from scrimmage. Now we know what you did while not watching the game. Our favorite: Kia.

But it doesn’t say “Paul is dead”: A movie that works both backward and forward.

Another Obvious Loser: Add this to the list of rules CEOs should never break. Never blame babies when cutting your company’s benefits, especially when Mom has a computer, and you’ve had your best year in a decade. Besides health benefits, the boss wants to cut retirement benefits, too.

Sochi isn’t so much different from Kingston: The Jamaican bobsleigh team crowd-funded its trip to the Olympics.

In requiem: Flappy Bird. For now, unless you look hard enough (just don’t go catching the Android Avian flu). Also, former Ambassador Shirley T. Black. She also made a few movies.

Maybe it’s not that smart after all: You might want to find an alternative to staying at a Holiday Inn Express; a hotel management company reported a data breach a couple of weeks ago. In a related item, here’s a primer on how Point of Sale breaches work… and to think it all started with a small HVAC contractor.

But… but… but… we’re GOOGLE! Unfortunately for the Search folks, they don’t make the rules in San Francisco bay.

Sign of the Apocalypse: Windows XP powers 95 per cent of ATMSworldwide. Apropos of which, Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” update last week did not have any updates specific to Windows XP. A decidedly low tech problem.

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