Tech Talk Uncovered: How the Experts use Experts Exchange

Posted by · May 25, 2015 8:00 am

Interacting with tech professionals online can feel like whispering into an echo chamber. This is dually true if you’re networking with the wrong experts. How can you join the conversation and get experienced, valuable feedback? The answer lies in our member activity.

We analyzed Experts Exchange member engagement to determine the topics that matter most to specific locations. Our member activity suggests that experts reside in certain areas. For example, events such as Article Views and Expert Answers highlight the Silicon capital – California – as the leader in tech professionals.

When it comes to tech talk, we also found there is a dialect. Certain regions care more about particular programming languages. For expert questions and solutions, .NET and PHP dominated the discussion.

At Experts Exchange, you’re never shouting into a void. We believe communities like ours make for great solutions, not sounding boards. For this reason, online tech talk with our network of professionals remains the best way to connect on the topics that matter most.


Above all the chatter, we wanted to know how member engagement translates internationally. Our interactive globe maps out real-time event activity on Experts Exchange. The results are clear – tech talk online is much louder than a whisper. As it turns out, experts are sounding off all over the world everyday.

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