Ten Things To Know When Starting With Excel VBA

Posted by · June 21, 2012 2:13 pm

At Experts Exchange, we’re fortunate to have no shortage of qualified experts (pun intended) who are willing to help people find answer to their tech questions.  But over the past year and a half, we’ve been taking tech help to a new level with our Cloud Class webinars. Each hour-long webinar helps the audience further educate themselves about a specific aspect of a certain technology.

Yesterday, Microsoft Excel MVP Zack Barresse presented a webinar on ten things you need to know when getting started with Excel VBA.  If you’re just getting started with coding in Excel, you’ll want to check Zack’s presentation. In this webinar, Zack discusses:

  • Variables and how to use them properly
  • How to spot misspellings & use Visual Basic Editor to your advantage
  • Making the best use of your development environment
  • How to speed up code execution
  • How to structure your code logically
  • Going from the macro recorder to writing awesome code

Zack was kind enough to share the Power Point and VBA files he used during the webinar and you can download them here.  You can also download a high res version of the webinar video here.

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