The Five-Million Point Club

Posted by · May 27, 2014 3:03 pm
Welcome to the VIP lounge, five-million point member. You’re among an elite group of experts who will have a membership to Experts Exchange for life.  Thank you for your generous contributions to the site, and here’s to many more productive, exciting years solving technology problems together.
  • EE, Many Thanks – its much appreciated!

  • Finally, a tangible reward for all my hard work 🙂

  • Thanks, it’s nice to be recognized.

  • Neal Emminger

    Awesome sauce ☺

  • I see a lot of friends that I’ve crossed paths with on questions over the years. The people is what makes the site fun. We all contribute but we all also learn a lot.

    Does this mean we all retire and just use our new lifetime memberships 🙂

    Hoping to see you all for many years to come.



    • I think it means that after 5,000,000 points we no longer have to make the monthly minimum. But if we get to 5m, odds are we’ll keep going.

  • b0lsc0tt

    Is there more than one blog post for this? At first I couldn’t seem to use the form for the comment in IE. Went to Chrome and made a post I thought but then didn’t see it. Now form seems to work so will try again. I won’t complain though. Web stuff is what got me here. 😀

    What a great pleasure and surprise. I haven’t been able to be as active (work and other, outside EE things). I have missed many aspects of my previous level of involvement. Getting this acknowledgment has been a great surprise. Very nice to be reminded how much EE does appreciate their experts. Thanks and I am glad to be a part of so many incredible people. Hope the list will just keep growing.


    p.s. So what is the cost for polo shirts with a lifetime membership? Do lifetime members automatically get the box with the little chocolate annually? Haha (those were really good) Thanks for so many good years!

  • Paul Clement

    Wow! Just got the email with this awesome piece of news!!

    I’m honoured to have met most of you at Core a few years back and be present in this small group of elites. Congrats to all of you also!


  • Ted Bouskill

    It is a nice tribute. I definitely won’t “retire” and will keep answering questions.

  • mplungjan


    I want a 10 on mine though ;)))

  • Amazing, thanks very much! Proud to be a member of such a talented group.

    Look forward to many more years.

  • Matthew Huxtable

    It is a privilege to work with such a talented group of people on almost a daily basis. To say I have met a good number of the people listed here is a simple reminder of the fantastic community EE has grown to be. They are all very worthy of this recognition.

    Thank you, and keep up the good work, folks!

    Matt / tigermatt

  • Darius Ghassemzadeh

    WOW! I just got the email it has been a few weeks since I have checked my email but this was a great surprise and I think honor for all of us. To be part of the list above with all of the others that I have worked with over the past years I feel lucky just to be in such a company of people.

    Hopefully another 100,000,000 points to go in my lifetime.

    Thank you to all of you and congratulations to all


  • Merete

    I got this email as well.. is it real?
    I’m holding off the joys of achievements..
    As it is just curious as to why the email states>To>’Experts Exchange Community’;
    Not To: Merete
    It’s from Experts Exchange Media (
    I get emails as a designated expert all the time but the To: always shows to my name.
    Also there is no mention of it like in an achievement in my profile.
    Can anyone confirm this as well?

    • Merete

      Ok confirmed it is real. Awsome!!!
      Congratulations to everyone here, we/ you are all priceless and selfless people.
      ” Hugs ” to everyone for your exceptional achievement.. ( girlie thing)


  • Thank You EE

    If I’m here they must be letting anybody in 🙂


  • harfang

    This has been quite an Ego-boost, I must admit. I feel I’m in good company and congrats to all of you! It actually made me write a new blog entry; it had been a while!


  • Keith_alabaster

    I’m not going to say this is unexpected. It is unexpected that I would make the grade to actually receive it but not that EE has done something like this as a thank you to the volunteers. Over my time with this site, EE – and the admin teams both inside and outside the office – have been outstanding and is a significant reason why I have stayed long to hit the milestone.