Expert Grand Prix Winner: Anuroopsundd

Posted by · April 10, 2012 5:00 pm


The results are official: Anuroopsundd is the winner of the 2012 Expert Grand Prix. Congratulations! Here’s a look at the winner’s trophy:

We also owe a shout out to huslayer, who won the EE hat in the Twitter contest. Thanks to everyone who participated in both the race and on social media…stay tuned for our next contest!









1 Anuroopsundd 49 342,752 7 basicinstinct 76 75,936
2 BuggyCoder 46 212,654 8 Ray_Paseur 17 73,340
3 hanccocka 16 161,488 9 ssaqibh 20 72,104
4 dlmille 11 96,800 10 Idle_Mind 09 68,078
5 wdosanjos 28 94,457 11 capricorn1 73 67,964
6 DaveBaldwin 05 88,245 12 ve3ofa  31 65,820

Spread the word, win an EE hat

If you’re not a top expert you can still play along. Share the contest on Twitter and you could win an official EE hat. Just be sure to include “@ExpertsExchange” and the shortlink to this page ( Here’s a sample tweet:

The race for top expert is on @ExpertsExchange, check out the Grand Prix leaderboard and you could win a hat!

  • huslayer

    Great, I’m in….

  • Hiren Majithiya

    I have twitted.

  • logudotcom

    great and I have tweeted , wish to win!!!

  • Where is the Share for Facebook ? Some of us don’t have the time to waste on Twitter …


  • Let the games begin!!!

  • x-sam

    i am in

  • Mohammed J

    Up for the challenge! I’m in.

  • Im in. Lets get this challenge in.

  • Anastasia

    Great! Tweeted about it!

  • Kpax7
  • Count me in!

  • Anuroop

    I am in.. like to have the cap

  • David

    Congratulations Anuroopsundd! Well done. Truly, all the competitors were impressive.

    • Anuroop

      Thanks David..