Tolomir’s Motto is Family First, Tech Second

Posted by · August 27, 2012 12:21 pm

There’s one thing IT professional Rainer Meller, (better known to Experts Exchange as Tolomir) values more than the satisfaction he gets from solving IT problems, and that’s being a family man. He and his wife recently welcomed their fourth child into their lives in Bonn, Germany.  Tending to a two-month old along with his three other children of eight, four, and two years has certainly kept his hands full, but he couldn’t be happier.

“I’m a bit busy with the two toddlers right now,” he says. “My life is not so technical right now, but that will change in a few years.” Once his kids are old enough for school, he plans to delve back in to solving problems on EE. You might imagine that raising four young children would be daunting, but Rainer still boasts that his idea of a good time is playing with the kids and seeing them smile because it makes him so proud to be a father.

Even though much of his time is consumed with raising his little ones, he still finds a little bit of time to keep in contact with the other experts here at Experts Exchange, answering whatever questions he can squeeze in to his busy parenting schedule. In addition to his technical expertise (he’s a Sage in Miscellaneous Security, a Guru of Encryption for Network Security, and a Master in Oracle Database and 10 other topics), Tolomir is also a Cleanup Volunteer and Topic Area Advisor.
Like most tech professionals, Rainer’s experience began because of his love for solving problems and riddles. He moved from his home in Bad-Neuenhar-Ahrweiler, Germany, to pursue a degree in Computer Science at a university in Bonn.

“At school I was interested in computers, algorithms and technical solutions,” Rainer says. “When I got my degree I started at my current company.”

He says that it’s hard to nail down the most interesting thing he’s ever had to solve, but he did it with the help of the community at Experts Exchange.

“I’ve done some interesting database queries I was able to finish with the help of experts from Experts Exchange. I had some issues with Oracle database performance. Schwertner often helped me with that.”

When he’s not up at night with his new baby, Rainer is working on his new fascination with geocaching. Of course, it’s just yet another way for him to exercise his passion for solving riddles.