Top Tech Finds at Interop ITX 2017

Posted by · May 25, 2017 2:44 pm

Interop ITX is a trade show made for our community. They boast “A Year’s Worth of IT Education at One Event” and we have to agree. With 3,000 technology pros, 100 exhibitors, and 230 speakers in attendance, there was so much to learn.

At one of our first InterOps many years ago, we felt attendees were there for the free T-shirts. This year, we met more VP and director-level professionals than ever before, ready to roll up their sleeves to uncover value at exhibitor booths, at summits, and in workshops.

Exhibitor booths ranged from large and elaborate to small and simple, with a professional edge, quality information, and adaptable teams. We took it upon ourselves to seek out some of the best up-and-coming IT gadgets and products — and we can’t wait to show you what we found.


Who: Telstra

What: The Asian Digital Transformation Index — insight into emerging tech markets

Telstra has partnered with The Economist’s Intelligence Unit to create a global report called The Asian Digital Transformation Index — a quantitative ranking of 11 economies in the Asian region compared to three global economies in the western hemisphere. Recently this report has broken into the U.S. market, informing emerging companies (and emerging markets) on how technology can improve processes and help create new tools and services that cut costs and protect against disruptive competitors. All while embracing digital transformation within their own walls.


Who: Mimecast

What: Multi-cloud Email Management — keep your company communications safe

When you run a business, it’s easier to leverage existing — and tested — infrastructure for daily processes instead of worrying about creating your own in-house infrastructure. But when you rely on larger products, like Microsoft, that live in the cloud, there are still existing threats often out of your control. With tools like Mimecast’s Multi-cloud Email Management software, you gain extra security layers perfectly matched for Office 365, protected attachments, an independent third-party archive, and anti-whaling precautions.


Who: Teem

What: EventBoard conference room displays and scheduling systems — bring your meetings into the future

How many times have you used Alexa to seamlessly turn on a light or fire up the television set? Have you secretly wished you had the same convenience in the office? Now you can. With Teem’s EventBoard conference room displays and scheduling systems, meeting locations, times, and behaviors are easier to track and manage. In an effort to improve productivity to keep meetings on track, EventBoard optimizes workspaces for immediate responses and insightful data on how well your time is being managed.



What: SOTI Snap — build mobile apps faster and easier than before with this low-code solution

As we all know, low-code applications that remove the hurdle of cost, time, and complexity in creating custom solutions for websites, dashboards, and apps, are the future of technology. And SOTI Snap is no exception. Cut development time in half with SOTI Snap, a product that enables businesses — and IT teams — of all sizes to build cutting-edge and custom apps that improve line of business workflows. This new product boasts that companies can deploy apps within minutes or hours — not days or weeks — with its drag-and-drop interface.

Who: Versive

What: The Versive Security Engine — uncover potentially devastating threats within the corporate network with this AI-powered technology

After undergoing a recent rebrand, Versive has risen like a Phoenix with a powerful new tool, built to protect companies from vicious cyber attacks. This tool draws off of complex technology and machine learning to track suspicious activity occurring within the network at different times.

In a statement on the new release, Versive’s CEO Joe Polverari said, “As one of the foremost innovators in artificial intelligence, our team recognizes the unrivaled power of data science, machine learning, and automation to solve these high-stakes cybersecurity challenges.”


Who: Promise Technology

What: VSkyCube — unlock the full potential of infrastructure hyperconvergence

As your company grows, you need products and tools that can grow with you — including a fast processer within the IT infrastructure. The VSkyCube tool uses a software-defined approach and adapts to the needs of your workload. It protects data, provides resilience and is easy to deploy and scale. VSkyCube also helps you consolidate IT resources as you incorporate new enterprise technologies so you don’t have to remodel existing infrastructure to support these enhancements.


Who: Targus

What: Universal Docking Stations — connect devices with ease, no matter where you are   

Tagus, long-known for creating great laptop bags and tablet cases, is now pivoting to offer docking stations that improve workplace productivity. Their docking stations connect with various laptop platforms in an effort to allow employees to plug in, switch on, and start working no matter where they are or what device they’re using. More than one million Targus docking stations are in use around the world and more than 12,000 companies have chosen Targus to help remote employees and flexible work spaces remain connected, simplified, and powerful.

With proprietary docking software, these docking stations save the device’s bandwidth by locating a connected Ethernet connection and turning off WiFi automatically. They also improve network access security and stores external monitor settings.


Who: Netreo

What: OmniCenter — enterprise-class monitoring made easy

Ready to manage infrastructure, applications, and cloud connections all from one screen? With OmniCenter, users enjoy a single-pane-of-glass dashboard that collects data from all connected sources in real time. Netreo, winner of the 2016 and 2017 Network Computer Awards, has created technology within OmniCenter that’s smart enough to analyze problems, suppress alarms, and detect anomalies for better and more intuitive data.


Who: Meikyo Electric Co., LTD

What: Rebooter Watch Boot — restart routers from remote locations

Reduce your company’s number of required maintenance personnel by installing the Rebooter Watch Boot, a technology that can schedule automatic start-ups and shown-downs of IT equipment, including routers, off site.


Who: WatchGuard

What: Total Security Suite — don’t let WannaCry scares threaten your data

The Total Security Suite was created to protect small to midsize businesses from advanced malware attacks that can cripple business operations. As one of the most comprehensive services, the suite includes advanced malware detection and prevention, remediation of randsomware-specific modules, and technology that analyzes traffic for potential threats. Don’t let scary situations like the recent WannaCry threat become a risk to you and your business by investing in this tool.


Who: Thinksmart Whiteboard

What: Thinksmart Whiteboard — a Windows app that transforms the way we use whiteboards

Forget dry erase markers. For modern, updated presentations, turn your Tablet PC into an even smarter device: a shared whiteboard. With Thinksmart Whiteboard, you can jot down notes, draw examples, and list important information in a visual and shared format that others within the conference call — no matter their location on the globe — can view and simultaneously write on.