Using SQL Loader for Faster Scripts

Posted by · December 11, 2013 9:27 am

accepted solutionThe old legacy process that justmorri was utilizing to load data into an Oracle database wasn’t working well. The Perl script she was using was taking almost an hour to load 91,000 records, and she wanted to know how to make it faster. While other experts helped justmorri tweak/tune the script, slightwv suggested they abandon the Perl script all together and use a utility that comes with Oracle that was created for this very reason.

“Did you look into SQL Loader to replace the Perl Script?” slightwv asked.  “ SQL Loader was written to load data into Oracle from text files and does this very efficiently.”

Justmorri was hesitant to try something new and mentioned she would look into it once she had continued to tune the original process. After a bit more frustration and one final prod from slightwv, she decided it would be worth it to spend the time learning the new process.

After setting up a complete test case based on the redacted requirements posted, justmorri was able to work through all the issues.

The final script processing time? 3 Minutes 1 Second.

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