VIDEO: Experts Exchange Designer on the New User Interface

Posted by · November 16, 2011 12:23 pm

The new Experts Exchange is slated to go live early next year. In this video, Lead Designer Peter Uzzi talks about what users can expect to see in the new design and how the content management system has helped facilitate a better frontend process.

“All of our pages felt like they weren’t part of a family,” says Uzzi. “So (with EE v10), users can expect to see a cohesively branded experience.”

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Video Transcript

Really what we wanted to do was create a platform for an entire frontend discipline that previously didn’t exist at Experts Exchange. From concept to execution, we can rapidly prototype experiences and create functional prototypes in the browser with Javascript, HTML and CSS and not have to wait for (longer) engineering cycles to complete.

Our content management system is pretty robust. It’s probably more than you would typically associate with open-source content management systems. This is very purpose built to manage multiple websites, even hundreds of websites.

We’ve got a lot of content out there, so it’s no small task to build a brand-new platform to deliver that content. It’s a content management system built by developers for developers. We call it our “CMS,” but it’s a lot more than that: it’s our in-house publishing platform.

I think the users can expect to see a streamlined user interface, and a streamlined experience overall.

One of the things that has bugged us for a long time is just the overall clutter on the site. It’s very cluttered, because we have this 14-year old behemoth that kind of evolved and grew on its own. It wasn’t always supervised, you know, we kind of let it over eat…so now we’ve put it on a diet.

All of our pages felt like they weren’t part of a family. So (with EE v10), users can expect to see a cohesively branded experience. No matter where you are (on the site), no matter which feature you’re using to organize your knowledge and content on Experts Exchange, it’ll be very clear how to take full advantage of all the features we have available.