VIDEO: Tips and Tricks for Using Experts Exchange */?> VIDEO: Tips and Tricks for Using Experts Exchange

Posted by · January 19, 2012 4:25 pm

A few little tips and tricks can help you get the most out of your Experts Exchange membership. Produced by the expert community, these videos can give you an edge answering questions, finding solutions or just participating with confidence.

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How to Ask a Question on Experts Exchange

If you can’t find the solution to your problem on Experts Exchange, you can ask a new question. We’ve got top technology experts from around the world online and most questions receive a response in less than an hour. This short video walks you through the “Question Wizard” and provides helpful tips for getting a good answer.

Creating a Saved Search on Experts Exchange

Saved searches (formerly known as Expert Filters) can help you quickly reference commonly-searched terms for any topic, whether you are looking for questions to answer or seeking to learn more about a specific issue.

How to Close a Question on Experts Exchange

Closing your question is an important step in the process. By closing your question and assigning points to the comment that solved your problem, the experts who helped are rewarded for their efforts. There are two ways to close a question; this video outlines both.

Update Your Profile

From the “My Profile” section you can adjust user settings such as your “EEple” (avatar), sharing settings, “Hire Me” options, rewards and billing information (if applicable). This short video will walk you through the new profile settings.

Managing Your Workspace

The workspace feature on Experts Exchange lets you manage all your activity in one place: questions, favorite topics, saved searches, articles, blogs and more.

How to Request Attention on Experts Exchange

The “Request Attention” feature will alert the moderator team if there is a problem with your question or you are not receiving adequate assistance. Watch the video below for instructions on using this feature.