VMworld 2017: 4 Products You Won’t Want to Miss

Posted by · September 7, 2017 1:54 pm

Last week at VMworld, our team stepped off the plane and into a technology guru’s dream. We were greeted by the chill, arcade vibe of VMvillage, with dim lights and lots of games to play. The Solutions Exchange (aka the Exhibitor Hall) had people waiting outside long before the hall opened and as soon as the doors did open, people flooded inside and stayed throughout the day.

We noticed people were there not only to learn and check out new technology, but to win prizes. One booth had a motorcycle as their giveaway, another had a car. While we didn’t win a car, we were served drinks in flashing, light-up glasses and some bacon on a stick.

It was a tech professional’s dream event, and we discovered so many great brands and products. So grab a seat and sit awhile, while we share what we learned.

Who: FixStream
What: Big Data AIOps Platform — cloud automation processes to save money and gain actionable insight through better visualization

Sometimes the best new products are developed after a previous negative experience. That’s how FixStream came to be four years ago. While working with Cisco, Sameer Padhye realized the WW Services process was wasteful and the tools available in the industry were ineffective for his needs. The IT world was moving to the cloud and teams had to adapt to cover more hybrid work.

Through extensive (and expensive) root-cause analysis, FixStream was created. Their tools allow for cloud automation through their visualization platform.

With a “Google map style platform for IT”, teams can automatically discover every device on multiple domains and map them to business applications to uncover problems of complex business issues in minutes, not hours or days. It’s been named a “Cool Vendor” by Garner and won the Red Herring Top 100 award in 2017.

“While organizations have access to a lot of tools and data, they lack the ability to correlate it across multiple domains,” said Enzo Signore, chief marketing officer at FixStream. “For instance, if we have a problem that spans multiple domains, it might take multiple teams many hours each to comb through millions of data points and try to find the needle in the haystack. FixStream fixes this problem by providing an engine that connects to all domains, from business transactions to applications to infrastructure, gathers all events and data from each, correlates them, applies machine learning to them, and visualizes the issues on a map so that you can get to the root cause in few clicks!”

In terms of money, Signore said Gartner has studies showing downtime can cost $336,000 per hour. FixStream’s ability to quickly locate and mitigate the problem can save teams millions in IT resources, lost revenue, and customer satisfaction.

When asked what consumers say at events like VMworld? “WOW!” Signore said. “They are amazed how the product can auto-discover thousands of entities in a short period of time, the ease of visualization, and how the tool can correlate the data across the entire IT stack, from business transactions (like Oracle ERP) to application services to infrastructure.”

Who: 10ZiG Technology
What: 5900q Series Thin Client/Zero Client — powerful enough to support three monitors, all at a 4K Ultra High Definition resolution

Today’s workforce is full of multitaskers, and one of our favorite ways to multitask is through multiple vantage points to our work. Dual monitors plus our laptop screen, maybe a tablet, maybe a large screen on the wall we can share to. We want to see our work from every vantage point, and we want to see it well. 10ZiG responded to this demand and desire for multiple 4K resolution setups with the creation of 5900q Series Thin Client/Zero Client. Brand new to the company’s product line and announced at VMworld last week, this new series is built to support three monitors all at a 4K UHD resolution and to excel across all industry verticals, including the healthcare sector, for the secure Single-Sign On (SSO) access it provides.

“We’re very excited to launch and demonstrate this new series at VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas and will be showcasing it for the entire show,” said Kevin Greenway, chief technology officer of 10ZiG Technology.

Not only do workers want to see their work on multiple monitors, but 10ZiG said the dual-monitor system increases productivity exponentially. “Now imagine the productivity gain a worker can achieve with three monitors. Many users working with 3D and CAD, as well as on financial platforms, need the ability to use many monitors in order to work efficiently (which saves the company time and money) and the 10ZiG 3-Monitor 5900q Thin or Zero Client allows this goal to be achieved,” said Jamie Heinz, director of marketing at 10ZiG Technology.

At VMworld, customers responded positively to 10ZiG ‘s branding. Once they examined the sample devices, they were impressed with the amount of connection ports and features that exist, from HDMI to Dual DisplayPort with 7 USB ports, optional PoE (Power over Ethernet), and wireless and Internal Smart Card (CAC) options.

10ZiG Thin and Zero Clients work with all the major VDI connection brokers and get complimentary access to the 10ZiG Manager — the company’s free centralized management software that allows IT professionals to configure, maintain, and control all 10ZiG clients remotely via the Cloud.


Who: Infoblox
What: Infoblox-VMware DDI integration — greatly reduces time to deploy and clean up virtual resources by automating IP address and DNS provisioning as part of standard workflows
While VMware has long been a leader in virtualization and software-defined networking technologies, did you know network parameters such as IP address allocation and DNS provisioning are often handled manually by other teams? This part of the process, the transfer of information from point to point, is usually the longest part of deploying virtual or software-defined resources. The manual management can result in delayed deadlines. And that defeats the point of the whole virtualization process, which is usually to achieve agility, fast roll-outs, simplified operations, cost-effective solutions, and scalability.

In recognizing this delay, VMware partnered with Infoblox, the leader in automated DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI). The partnership integrates the network automation processes with tools that eliminate manual processes or customized scripts.

By automating the network process as part of the workflow, organizations can reduce the number of trouble tickets, eliminate customized and ever-changing scripts, and remove the need for manual, repetitive steps. The DDI integration gives companies the true value of agility for virtualized and software-defined network components.

“Infoblox is the market leading solution for DDI and it’s fantastic that integrations have already been built into platforms including VMware,” said Erica Coleman, director of corporate communications at Infoblox. “Now the data center, server, or application team can spin up resources much quicker without having to request resources from the overburdened network team. In addition, the network team has a complete view and control into everything that happens in the automation process, so the company has agility and speed, while retaining control.”

The Infoblox-VMware integration works well across industries and also works with other vendors and technologies including Cisco, AWS, Azure, Microsoft, Docker, and OpenStack. So whether you have data housed on-premise, virtualized, in the public or private cloud, Infoblox can extend its DDI platform.

Who: ControlUp
What: ControlUp 7.0 — improved help with IT productivity through fast issue fixes and minimized downtime

The world of IT can often be described as one big puzzle. Especially when it comes down to knowing what’s wrong and how to fix it. ControlUp saw the disconnect here and with their revamp of ControlUp 7.0, they increased visibility with improved monitoring in order to find out what’s wrong and what it’s costing, in real time.

“Customers are often drawn to ControlUp first by the colorful systems monitoring dashboard, explained Asaf Ganot, CEO and Co-Founder of ControlUp. “But being able to drill down, up, or even sideways is what keeps the attendees glued to our screen. In fact, the challenge this year was to find a way to time-limit our demo audience so people waiting could also get to test drive.”

Many attendees didn’t believe that ControlUp’s IT analytics platform was cloud-based. They enjoyed not having to stand up servers, configure databases, and create reports from scratch. It took folks 5 minutes to get ControlUp running with their data. While visitors to the ControlUp booth loved that, they wanted proof while back in the office, so the team set up many let-us-prove-it-to-you meetings right on the show floor.

ControlUp 7.0 works well in any industry, with clients in finance, healthcare, retail, and utilities. But according to Ganot, “the bigger the data center and more scary the hybrid infrastructure, the better we shine.”