Saying About Cisco

An Experts Exchange Exclusive Report: What Our Community is Saying About Cisco

Posted by · June 22, 2017 9:08 am

Next week, tech users and professionals from all over the world — and Experts Exchange employees — will be gathering in Las Vegas for Cisco Live US. Every year, those who work in IT, networking, and communications attend this leading education and training event to learn from experts in their field, experience the latest tech gadgets and products, and get a first-look into industry predictions for the coming year.

As attendees, we were curious about Cisco interest within our community. So we recently conducted a data grab of Cisco conversations and interactions happening on The results weren’t surprising, and this proved to be a topic of great relevance to our community. From the number of users interested in this topic to the keywords used in Cisco searches and the top-performing pieces of content, the data covers many facets of Cisco engagement.

Armed with this insider information, we created a comprehensive business intelligence report of our findings. Interested in seeing what we uncovered? Download this business intelligence report to see how Experts Exchange members engage with Cisco products, what they’re interested in, and how the community works together to solve problems and answer questions.


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