What’s New at Experts Exchange 12/18/13 */?> What’s New at Experts Exchange 12/18/13

Posted by · December 18, 2013 4:34 pm

Upgrades: Experts Exchange is releasing upgraded profiles this week. Among the major changes:

  • Complete your new profile in a few clicks by importing information from LinkedIn.
  • Upload a custom avatar that will replace the EEples. The Moderators will definitely be keeping an eye out for questionable images, so keep it friendly!
  • Add industry certifications such as Microsoft MVP status.
  • You’ll be able to add your first and last name, which will display on the site instead of your username.
  • The statistics and activity tabs have been replaced by a single search interface. The grading histories have been moved to a new location and are accessible through a link on the history tab.
  • You can now access a profile via the username: http://www.experts-exchange.com/members/[username].html will bring up the profile.
  • Any information that you posted in your profile and marked “public” has been saved to your new profile.
  • You can now show off your top contributions to the site; the default listings will be based on page views (for questions) and points (for articles).

EE has also upgraded the on-site notifications system to reflect the user’s local time zone.

Most Valuable Experts: The Gamma Class of EE’s Most Valuable Experts includes JamieMcAllister, byundt, leew, hanccocka, MASQUERAID, lherrou, woolmilkporc, padas, jimhorn, RainerJ, garycase and barryhoudini. Get to know them a little better at EE’s blog.

Referrals: Don’t forget to take advantage of the new referral program that will let you earn some extra cash by referring friends, co-workers. If you want help getting you and your friend the best deal, check the new price structure. New Premium Service and Business Account members get a discount, and you can earn up to $50 per account. The caveats: 1) it’s for new accounts only; 2) the email address in your profile must match the email address in a PayPal account; and 3) your referred member must use the link created by the system when registering. It works for people who earn Qualified Expert status too.

Blog Posts: A post in the Featured Solutions series of the EE blog highlights a solution from jimhorn and ValentinoV about SSIS lookups.