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Posted by · December 3, 2013 4:47 pm

Holidays: In addition to our venerable holiday banner, we will be putting out one more issue in two weeks, and will then be on hiatus for the rest of the year, in no small part because you’re likely to be otherwise occupied on the Wednesdays December 25 and January 1 and wouldn’t be reading the EE newsletter anyway. We’ll be back on January 8 with the annual Expert of the Year issue.

T-shirt Donations: Recently, we were asked about donating t-shirts; in the past, we have taken the money that might have been spent making the shirts and matched it, but for the holidays — considering it gets cold — EE will match every t-shirt donated with another shirt, and we’ll donate the whole kit and kaboodle to the United Way. Donations will be taken through December 31; simply fill out the redemption form in your profile with the word “Donate” in every field.

Points: Almost everyone who has earned points will see the numbers in their Topic Rank change (we think we’ve caught them all in the Milestones section) due to the consolidation of a number of topic areas. You haven’t lost any of your certificates, but you might have gained a rank or two here and there in the process.

Tip From The Mods: Almost every day, we see a question go by that has a comment posted to the effect that what the Asker wants isn’t something the Experts can help with. There are a variety of reasons:

  • There’s not enough information to begin to formulate an answer.
  • The Asker wants someone to write 20,000 lines of code, a project inappropriate for a site like EE.
  • The question has nothing to do with the topic areas it is asked in.
  • The Asker wants to do something that is illegal, immoral or simply a really bad idea.

But occasionally, the question involves doing something that is simply not possible, like extracting search terms from Google searches. Three pretty knowledgeable Experts all said the same thing: there’s no way to do what the Asker was looking for.

To his credit, wfskmoney did the right thing: he selected several comments as the answer, because while Experts can get pretty inventive when it comes to solving problems, sometimes “you can’t do that” is the only correct answer.

Referrals: We mentioned EE’s new referral program that will let you earn some extra cash by referring friends, co-workers, your company or even your Aunt Suzie who doesn’t get it about anti-virus programs to Experts Exchange. New Premium Service and Business Account members get a discount, and you can earn up to $50 per account. The two three qualifiers: 1) it’s for new accounts only; 2) the email address in your profile must match the email address in a PayPal account; and 3) your referred member must use the link created by the system when registering. It works for people who earn Qualified Expert status too.

Tech Trends: Experts Exchange wants to know what you think will be the major trends in technology that will emerge in 2014. Give EE your two cents worth by taking a short survey.

Notifications: Yes, we’re aware that there are all kinds of ongoing issues with notifications, including getting some that come from old questionsand older articles. We know that some are missing. What we’re still trying to find is where, exactly, the bug is.

Blog Post: Ray_Paseur and bportlock combined to give rvcw a solution to the problem of a web application’s security and a PHP exploit. It’s must reading if you have a PHP site and use cookies.