What We Released Last Quarter

Posted by · January 25, 2017 10:25 am

Your Experts Exchange team has been working hard to enhance and improve our site, streamline product offerings, and add new value to our community experience. 

See what we’ve been up to in our Winter update!


Notification Controls All in One Place

Email or pop up notification? That is the question. With updated settings, our on-site notification system is now more intuitive and easier to customize! You can quickly control what notifications you’re receiving online or by email, from general preferences and question responses to new settings on the article process. With communications this clear, you’ll never miss another important notification. Easily change or update your settings today. Log in to view the streamlined communication settings.



Suggesting New Topics Just Got Easier

Looking to add more modern and specific topics to the site? Along with our Topic Selector update, we’ve created a system for proposing and voting on new topics. This new, community-driven method provides you with an easy way to add topics that would apply to your content before passing it through the community for approval. You’ll now be able to introduce new topics surrounding your questions, articles, and more, driving discussions and interactions online. Log in to propose a new topic today!

proposed topics

Content Pages Get a Face Lift

With the recent removal of the paywall, we wanted your experience to be the same across the board whether you’re logged in or out. Approaching the redesign with all devices in mind, content pages are now more responsive and cohesively designed, making it easier for you to navigate between sections of the site. This change will make the way questions, articles, and videos are displayed more useful and intuitive. Check it out!



Feedback is Key: Rate Your Courses

Did you learn a lot in the latest course you attended? Did you wish there was more coverage on a certain part of the subject matter? Now, you can submit feedback on courses in the form of a rating. Your feedback helps experts improve their content or deliver kudos for a job well done!


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Thank you for your continued participation on Experts Exchange!