12 Sweet New Apps From Spotify */?> 12 Sweet New Apps From Spotify

Posted by · March 23, 2012 4:48 pm

Daniel Ek addressing Spotify staff.This week, popular social music service Spotify launched a new “batch” of apps for its users, serving to double the number of apps available. The new apps were developed by major music labels including Universal, Sony, Warner, Def Jam, and others. Seeming to acknowledge the still-small size of its current app store, the service promised that “much, much more is coming to Spotify.”

While the newest batch of apps are simply the official apps of various popular music labels, they each bring their own unique approach to helping users discover new music.

Here they are:

The Complete Collection

Users can listen to music while getting a chance to learn more about the music itself with this app. Whether you’re looking for lyrics, interesting artist tidbits, or even some in-depth information about who wrote, produced, or did the photography for a given album, this app is designed to help users do so.


Have your song charts made by Twitter activity with this app. By capturing and compiling tweets with the #NowPlaying hashtag, TweetVine plugs Spotify users into ever-changing mood of the twittersphere.


This app is for users who are particularly fond of the classical music genre. Users can browse by composer, era, instrument, and even mood.

The Legacy Of

Coined a “visual feast” by Spotify, this app is not unlike The Complete Collection in that it provides users with more information about the artists and their albums. For this app, such information includes high-resolution pictures, playlists, and artist bios.


This app creates playlists based on the interests of a user’s Facebook friends, as well as the playlists users already have. In addition to being a massive playlist generator, Filtr also makes recommendations by comparing editorial playlists to what a given user likes.

Def Jam

This popular hip-hop, rap, and R&B label created an app to help users find more music that they love.


Similar to the Def Jam app, Domino helps users find and listen to more music under its label, as well as other independent artists.

The Warner Sound

This app from Warner Music Group features songs, albums and artist-compiled playlists from its own label, which boasts a wide range of popular artists, such as current chart-toppers like Bruno Mars and Cee Lo Green and historical greats like The Doors and Grateful Dead.

Hot or Not

Made no mystery by its name, this app lets users give the thumbs up or thumbs down to different songs. In exchange for voting, Hot or Not turns into a game, as users accumulate points and badges (hey, that sounds familiar!) and compete with their Facebook friends.


Bringing new playlists to its users each week, Digster lets users browse through playlists based on genre, artist, or even listening history and Facebook activity.


Boasting “expertly curated playlists,” the [PIAS] app is made specifically to help listeners discover the “best” albums. Also updated on a weekly basis, this app’s claim to fame is its expert ability to recommend music that users want.


Built around new releases, tour info, and playlists, Matador attempts to provide a users a comprehensive, “interactive” look at the popular indie label.

These new apps are already available on Spotify. Users can access these apps and others by using Spotify’s App Finder.

Reacting almost immediately to the news, one Facebook user pointed out the absence of an iPad app, while most of the other respondents appeared to appreciate Spotify’s latest release.

What about you? Were you hoping for a new Spotify app that didn’t make the list? If you’ve had a chance to try them out, what do you think?