Amazon EC2 versus VPC for Tech Start-Ups */?> Amazon EC2 versus VPC for Tech Start-Ups

Posted by · September 23, 2013 8:35 am

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accepted solutionYou already know that the experts on Experts Exchange can solve your toughest technology problems, but you might not realize that they can also be counted on for sound business advice. When Experts Exchange community member and start-up founder Yashy needed advice on whether to use Amazon EC2 or VPC, up-and-coming expert helge000 was there with an answer.

Yashy’s question was as follows:

“I’ve currently got three EC2 instances setup, one development Windows 2008 server and two Amazon servers with PHP, MySQL and Apache that are load balanced. I also have one RDS instance that was created in the VPC. Based on the fact that my business relies heavily on the website and its hosting, should I put the EC2 instances in the VPC also?”

Within two hours, helge000 responded with the following:

“VPC and EC2 make up no real difference, since your instances are EC2 no matter what. But with VPC you get a lot more flexibility at no additional costs, so you should use VPC. This is why you always have a Default VPC configured with every new AWS account. With EC2 you only get a bunch of ‘public’ hosts; VPC puts them in their own private subnet. This is desirable for both security and management reasons.”

Helge000 went on to discuss the differences between public and private VPC and made suggestions for what Yashy should choose based on his company’s funding, security and local infrastructure.  In the end, Yashy received valuable advice that saved him time and money—two things every start-up founder needs.

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