Amazon Introduces AutoRip for 15 Years of Music */?> Amazon Introduces AutoRip for 15 Years of Music

Posted by · January 10, 2013 4:52 pm

AutoRipToday Amazon announced a new program called AutoRip sure to please music heads and fans of saving time and money alike. So basically, everyone. Thanks to new negotiations with record labels regarding the rights of the music they are distributing, AutoRip gives Amazon customers MP3 copies of an album when they buy a CD. Since most of us aren’t buying CDs, there is a “duh, finally!” factor. That should have been a given since Amazon Music was introduced. However, there is a really impressive second feature. Any CDs you purchased since 1998 that are now AutoRip eligible have been automatically uploaded to your Amazon Music Cloud Player library. Too bad I don’t have the same account that I had when I was 18.

Thousands of albums- over 37,000 tracks and counting- are currently available. Even if you don’t use the Amazon Cloud Player as a source of music, it may be time to log in to Amazon for a few minutes to see if you’ve got any CDs from the last 15 years that could be automatically turned in to mp3s for you to download right now.

A few things to note in the AutoRip ToC:
-It is only available to customers with billing addresses in the US.
-It is only applicable to CDs sold by So if you bought a used Counting Crows CD for $3.89, you’re out of luck.
-It does not apply to CDs that are marked as gifts. PS, if you buy a CD for someone as a gift, you don’t deserve any free MP3s.
-If you buy a CD, download the MP3s, then return the CD for a refund, your credit card will be charged. Don’t even try to be sneaky, Amazon knows all.