Anonymous Places Facebook In Its Crosshairs (VIDEO) */?> Anonymous Places Facebook In Its Crosshairs (VIDEO)

Posted by · January 23, 2012 2:22 pm
Anonymous protest

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While last week’s protests against SOPA and PIPA were undoubtedly successful, if not historic, one outspoken yet shadowy opponent of the controversial anti-piracy legislation is yet to be satisfied with the progress that’s been made. In a video posted to YouTube Monday, hacktivist group Anonymous said that it would be pressing forward with its campaign against those it deems to be the enemies of a free and open Internet.

“An online war has begun between Anonymous, the people, and the government of the United States,” the video began. “While SOPA and PIPA may be postponed from Congress, this does not guarantee that our Internet rights will be upheld. For those unaware, there is still ACTA, or the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.”

After taking down several prominent website in the past week—including those of the FBI, Department of Justice, Motion Picture Association of America, and CBS, among others—the group has reportedly cast its gaze on what is quite arguably its most ambitious target—Facebook.

In the next phase of its campaign that’s been dubbed “Operation Global Blackout”, the hacktivist group now plans to take down the social networking giant to send what it believes will be a powerful message to the U.S. government. However, taking down the massive Facebook network will be no small operation, which would appear to be the primary reason for the Anonymous announcement.

“While it is true that Facebook has at least 60,000 servers, it is still possible to bring it down,” the video continued. “Anonymous needs the help of the people—the people who want to take a stand against the government, the people who want to make a difference.”

The clip goes on to instruct listeners to prepare for a coordinated attack that will allegedly take place at midnight on January 28th.  As in past Anonymous operations, the plan is to launch a Distributed Denail-of-Service, or DDoS assault against Facebook’s servers. If the attack goes as planned, this will render the site unavailable to users.

Meanwhile, responses to the video from the group’s Twitter account (@YourAnonNews) have caused some to question the legitimacy of the planned Facebook assault.

“Lulz at people saying we would take down Twitter, FaceBook and YouTube,” one tweet read. “Why would Anon take down how we send our messages?”

As a Monday RT post points out, this would not be the first time such a threat was allegedly made by the hacktivist group and then failed to occur. “A previous attack was scheduled for November 5, 2011, but never materialized,” the post recalled.

TIME’s Matt Peckham also expressed his doubts about the group’s supposed plan. “When you’re planning to hack someone, don’t tell them in advance. More importantly, don’t tell them exactly when you’re planning to rock their universe.”

This, then, leaves one to question whether this video speaks for all of Anonymous, or any of the organization for that matter. Is this simply a copycat case? If so, who’s really trying to recruit the necessary support to launch a cyber assault on Facebook?

Worse yet, if the social media site really is taken down on Saturday, how are people expected to survive a day without being able to constantly post their whereabouts for all the world to see?

Watch the video and share your thoughts on its validity in the comments below.

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