iPhone 5 Probably Won’t Convert Anyone to Apple */?> iPhone 5 Probably Won’t Convert Anyone to Apple

Posted by · September 12, 2012 4:54 pm

Today was Apple’s much-anticipated announcement of the iPhone 5.  They also heralded a number of other updated products, including iPods, iOS 6 and a new version of their signature white earbuds, the “EarPods”, as well as a new dock connector called “Lightning.” The improvements include some very nice features, but are they enough to convert Android users?

The new device has tons of great upgrades that should please iPhone fans. There’s a taller screen- a full 4 inch display which brings it very close to 16:9 aspect ratio when turned sideways to watch a video, an allows for an additional row of icons on the screen. The design is a little more robust, with an aluminum back rather than glass. It is available in black AND white right away for every fashionista who can’t possibly be seen with a plain black phone.

The Lightning dock connector is smaller and reversible. All Apple gadget users are collectively groaning about having to buy adapters for their current docks. The rest of us have already had to go through this transition from mini to micro-USB, and it wasn’t too harsh. Except it WILL be for Apple users, because the prices of Apple’s proprietary accessories are so ridiculously inflated.

One of the most exciting additions is that the iPhone 5 is 4G LTE capable, allowing for Verizon and AT&T customers to use up their limited data allowance faster than ever. Video chatting through FaceTime will be supported through cellular service, carrier permitting. The new, more efficient Apple A6 processor allows for longer battery life (a common complaint among every iPhone user I know), 8 hours on LTE, or 10 hours on wifi.  The camera will now take better pictures in low light, and you can use it to take panoramic shots. They also added hardware for a better talking and chatting experience. There are microphones all together; one in front, back, and bottom, as well as more noise cancellation in the earpiece.

The tech industry speculated on what characteristic(s) of the upgraded device would be the game-changer this time. I just don’t think the iPhone has that “one thing” that you can’t ignore. The last huge release, the iPhone 4S, introduced the world to Siri- a robot in your phone who does everything for you! The actual functionality was little more than smoke and mirrors of voice command, but Siri has certainly permeated American culture and inspired Android clones of Siri, plus other voice-based features like Google Now.

Thus far I could never bring myself to spend my hard earned pennies on what always seemed like merely a pricey accessory of hipster armor. So as an Android user, the iPhone 5 doesn’t get me excited to even consider switching to iPhone. The 4G LTE is great, but its purpose is to make other elements work better, and other devices already have it. The camera sounds nice, but the Samsung Gallaxy S III has it too. Plus, I mean, no Google maps? Nice try Apple, but it’s going to take another generation of phones and something more groundbreaking to reach me.