Apple Rumor: Mac Pro (NOT Macbook Pro) No More */?> Apple Rumor: Mac Pro (NOT Macbook Pro) No More

Posted by · November 1, 2011 7:06 pm

Before I begin, let me just say one thing: Rumors are bad. Last night, Cult of Mac started spreading word that the Mac Pro line was “just a twitch away” from being killed by Apple. Since it broke so close to the end of the day, I only had time to read the headline before I closed up shop for the day and went home. And like a bad (or good?) game of telephone, I added my own little detail—albeit unknowingly—when I gave the news to my wife and friends around the dinner table.

That’s right. By innocently inserting the word book between Mac and Pro, I had everyone around the table speculating about how Apple was going to manage to stay competitive in the notebook market if it only had the MacBook Air. I mean no offense, MacBook Air, but some people aren’t going to buy a notebook without a DVD drive, no matter how sleek its design is.

Anyway, just in case anyone else thought the same thing—or if you’re reading this after having dinner with me last night—the Macbook Pro is safe. What is near extinction, however, is the Mac Pro (see how that could be confusing?). After a three-month minimum delay on the Pro’s Xeon-class Sandy Bridge processors last week, Cult of Mac says that “inside sources” are reporting that this may be the “final nail in the Mac Pro coffin.”

With component delays, slipping sales, and a general lack of enthusiasm by Apple, it seems the Mac Pro’s days are numbered.

“Seems like a no-brainer to me,” writes John Brownlee. “[T]he Mac Pro is toast.”

According to a report from Apple Insider, although “Apple’s existing iMac and Mac mini designs can’t accommodate the fastest, high end processors and graphics that the Mac Pro can…there appears to be an increasingly limited market for high end desktops.” That is, the Mac Pro’s uncertain future speaks less to the desktop’s quality and more to the lack of consumer demand for these powerful machines.

Whatever the ultimate reason Apple gives to kill the Mac Pro may be, however, one thing is for sure. The Macbook Pro is here to stay.