Apple Rumor: Retina Display for 2012 MacBook Pro

Posted by · December 14, 2011 10:52 am

As the folks in Cupertino prepare to release their 2012 product lineup, the Apple rumor mill has been hard at work trying to find out what new features will be coming to their favorite Apple devices. And Wednesday, DigiTimes released a report from their secretive “sources in the upstream supply chain” about the next generation of the MacBook Pro.

According to their clandestine confidants, Apple’s popular notebook is likely going to boast a 2880×1800 display resolution when the latest model hits the market in Q2 2012.

“While the prevailing MacBook models have displays with resolutions ranging from 1680 by 1050 to 1280 by 800, the ultra-high resolution for the new MacBook Pro will further differentiate Apple’s products from other brands,” reported the DigiTimes source.

The potential introduction of Retina Displays to the upcoming MacBook Pro—and likely the MacBook Air as well—is likely Apple’s response to the increased competition in the notebook (and high-end Ultrabook) markets. With bargain PC brands like Acer and Asus entering the Ultrabook market with models of their own, Apple is going to be hard-pressed to justify its higher-priced MacBook Air as the introduction of more players to the Ultrabook market is destined to apply downward pressure on price.

If the rumors are true, Apple appears to believe that the addition of Retina Displays—as well as improved flash storage with the help of its rumored acquisition of Anobit—will maintain the necessary level of distinction to keep its products in the elite tier.

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