Apple-Samsung Patent War Far From Over */?> Apple-Samsung Patent War Far From Over

Posted by · December 2, 2011 10:34 am

Tuesday night, Australia’s Federal Court issued a ruling that overturned the continent-country’s ban on the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. Since the Apple-sought injunction took effect back in October, the two global companies have been engaged in quite the legal battle. Citing patent infringements by the Samsung tablet, Apple had successfully convinced the Federal Court to prohibit Galaxy Tab sales by national retailers.

But just over a month later, the skirmish has circled back to its origins.

As soon as the ban was overturned, however, Apple unsurprisingly decided last night to appeal the Federal Court’s decision to the High Court. Unfortunately, this places an indefinite hold on the sale of the Samsung tablet in Australia, despite the lower court’s decision to lift the ban as of 4PM (AEDT) Friday.

According to continued coverage of this legal skirmish by Engadget’s Richard Lawler, the soonest that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 could possibly hit Australian retailers is December 9th, which is the date that the case is scheduled to go before Australia’s High Court. But even that seems to be a long shot considering how fervently both sides are defending their positions.

What, you might ask, fuels the Apple opposition to the sale of the South Korean tech company’s tablets? According to the folks in Cupertino, not only is the Galaxy Tab 10.1 too similar to the iPad, but the entire line of Galaxy smartphones and tablets too closely mirrors the Apple iPhone and iPad.

More specifically, the focus of the dispute is on the touchscreen technology that Samsung has used in its Galaxy gadgets.