Apple to Android: The Cult Leaders are Leaving (APPL, GOOG)

Posted by · March 11, 2013 4:21 pm

Several notable iPhone propagandists have recently shifted to Android, causing voices of the tech industry to cry out, “Why?!” It’s not a mass exodus. It’s not even slow and steady. But in the last year or so, a handful of iconic Apple fanboys have made the move from iPhone to Android. These are die-hard, culture-shifting tech personalities. Are these users getting their hands on Android because it really is better than iOS now?

The Evangelist

commons.wikimedia.orgGuy Kawasaki, a self-proclaimed “A.P.E.”- author, publisher and entrepreneur,  spent much of his career as a professional hype-man for Apple. But as of this month, he has been hired by Google to advise on the future of Motorola. He told that he’s been using Android mobile devices for over a year now.

“To me the great irony is that Apple’s slogan was `Think Different,’ but today if you think different you’re looking at Android,” he said.

His Androids of choice are the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7. The features that he claims beat iOS now are NFC, multitasking, alphabetized apps menu, and universal micro-USB charger.

The Blogger

by alexdecarvalho via flickrRobert Scoble isn’t exactly a household name. Unless your family preaches the word of Apple. Scoble has built a strong online following by being one of those Apple fans that Samsung loves to make fun of. But last month he made it clear he no longer blindly follows Apple.

“Apple lately HAS slipped in my eyes and there are lots of examples how (Google Now, Waze maps, and tons of apps that are here already and coming on the Android platform, like SwiftKey keyboards) are examples of why I’m getting ready to leave the Apple platform and switch to Android,” he posted on his Google+ page.

The post went on to describe his preference for customizable notification settings in Android. He also looks forward to being fluent in Android in order to best use Google Glass.

The Columnist

andy_inhatkoThe latest convert, Andy Ihnatko, is switching with much fanfare in the form of a series of posts at about his move. Ihnatko provides detailed descriptions of four feature comparisons between his Samsung Galaxy S3 and his iPhone 5. The first two are physical attributes that he personally finds more comfortable for his use: a better keyboard, and a bigger screen. The next two hit iPhone right in the usability. Android has better collaboration between apps which allows for faster productivity, he explains. He puts eloquently the explanation of open-source Android:

“If I don’t like the way my iPhone works, I don’t hesitate: I search online. I can count on finding an answer. Not a way to make my iPhone work the way I’d like it to; rather, a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation of why Apple believes that the iPhone should work that way, and why it refuses to let me override the default behavior. If I don’t like the way my Android works and I look online for solutions, I can usually find a way to change it,” he writes.

Jumping ship from Apple to Android may have been a sound move for a career, for productivity, or personal reasons. But all of these tech industry personalities are putting their very reputation on the line. They are subjecting themselves to the wrath of their former followers. All for a robot phone.