Bug Squashers: Show DevOps You’re Grateful

Posted by · November 13, 2015 6:30 am


Look at you. You’ve just had a brilliant idea to improve the micro-site for your launch campaign. Well aren’t you clever. You’re going to get a raise for sure. All you need to do is submit that work request and mark it as “high priority”. Sure, it’s a little last minute – a week before launch – but there are 40 hours in a week, plenty of time to implement a widget you saw on a similar website. How hard can it be?

A few days later, you get the call. Bugs. Bugs everywhere. Expected launch delay. You groan. DevOps, man. Just find the problems and fix them already. Debug it! Isn’t it that easy?

“This is going to take a while.” Those words make you cringe. You walk back to your desk and try to distract yourself. There’s only so many times you can refresh the ticket to check if there’s been any progress.

In the late afternoon you peek over at your colleague working on the bug and he seems to just be joking around with his team. You think to yourself, “could you just get this done please”. What you don’t realize is he’s already missed his lunch break and has been staring at the screen for two hours trying to duplicate the error and isolate the problem. He’s logged on to Experts Exchange and posted a question to the community. Though all you see is him talking about the new Star Wars trailer and taking a much needed coffee break.

The reality, you slowly realize as he’s explaining why it isn’t fixed yet, is that it’s a lot of work to debug a program. Most of the time it’s like playing a game of whack-a-mole. As soon as one bug is found and fixed, hundreds more can pop up and multiply. It’s tiring, exhausting, and often thankless. There’s a lot of pressure to release on time, but releasing on time with code-breaking bugs means damage control.

The upside to this reality is that the work gets done, and with a good DevOps team it gets done well. Most fires are spotted and put out before the rest of the organization even notices. According to a recent Puppet Labs and IT Revolution Press report, companies with DevOps teams saw a 63% increase in software releases and a 50% decrease in their failure rate. Those are some pretty encouraging statistics.

You see Phil from DevOps stand up and look directly at you. You walk over to get the update.“YES!” he exclaims. He tells you someone responded to his cry for help on Experts Exchange and the solution worked. You both jump for joy and slowly realize the entire office is staring at you. “We’re just really excited to see Han Solo & Chewie make an appearance”, you say as you slowly walk back to your desk.

The next time you submit that JIRA ticket, think about your local bug squashers, and be thankful you don’t have to do it.

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