Celebrate Diwali 2012 With The GreetZAP Festival App

Posted by · November 12, 2012 12:41 pm

Here on the EE Tech News blog, we primarily write about mainstream (read: US-centric) technology news. However, Experts Exchange is a global website; and today we’d like to recognize our community members in India and around the world who are celebrating Diwali 2012: The Festival of Lamps. The five day celebration of Diwali officially begins tomorrow; but Hindus, Jains and Sikhs have been preparing for Diwali (which literally means “a row of lights or lamps”) for the past few weeks.

While the celebration of Diwali is significant to many different groups of individuals for many different reasons, the main reason people celebrate Diwali is to recognize the triumph of good over evil–something that is symbolized in the lighting of clay lamps filled with oil.  The lamps are left on overnight and those celebrating Diwali make sure their house is clean in order to make the goddess Lakshmi (the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune) feel welcome.

Even if you don’t celebrate Diwali yourself, you may know someone who is celebrating the Festival of Lights; and The Times Group–India’s largest media and entertainment company– wants to make your Diwali 2012 well wishes a bit more festive than a traditional   text message.  Earlier today, The Times Group launched the GreetZAP Festival App, a mobile application that allows you to send a musical, voice or gift greeting to someone celebrating Diwali.  Users can select from a range of Diwali songs, aartis and prayers or send a customized message to friends and loved ones.

The GreetZAP Festival App is available for download on most Android phones through the Google Play store, by performing a Google search for “GreetZAP Festival App” or by dialing 58888066. There app is free to download and users only pay for using it, not for exploring the celebratory greetings the GreetZAP Festival App has to offer.

Here’s wishing a safe and happy holiday to everyone celebrating Diwali 2012!