CES 2013 Kicks Off Tomorrow */?> CES 2013 Kicks Off Tomorrow

Posted by · January 7, 2013 4:59 pm

cesSelf-driving cars. Smart homes. Touchscreen everything. 3D Printing. As we surge in to the future, the capabilities of technology advance exponentially and blur the line between science fiction and technology. The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show Officially kicks off tomorrow, but the press previews already have our mouths agape at stunning gadgetry from the likes of Lenovo, AT&T, Toyota and a number of smaller companies with space-agey developments.

Representatives for the conference estimate that about 20,000 new products will be unveiled at the show. Among the most talked-about so far are:

Huge, Gorgeous TVs: Got $20k to spare? You could be the first on your block to have an Ultra HD TV. Too bad there isn’t really any media yet to take advantage of it. However, Panasonic and others have plenty of “affordable” new models to check out this year. The most prevalent theme is connectivity with the Internet and “smart” TVs which are interactive for the user to customize their experience. LG has a number of versions they will be releasing that work with Google TV.

Robot Cars: Toyota revealed a model of a car with “co-pilot”: the capability to assist the driver and take control in heightened situations. In 2012, with the help of Google’s driverless cars, California legislators approved a law to allow these types of cars on the road, with stipulations (You can’t just fall asleep or drink coffee and read the paper. Yet.)

Weight-Loss, erm, Tools: What would the New Year be if not complete with the newest way to finally follow your resolution and lose weight? First we have a smart fork, HAPIfork, which tells you when you’re eating too fast. A company called BodyMedia has an armband to track your health. It’s not the first of its kind BUT, you get a choice of interchangeable jewelry! Magic.

Of course, there will be tons of mobile device innovations, laptop/tablet convertibles, and beefed up computer chips. But alas, still no hoverboards.